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10th WWC (Istanbul,Turkey) 6-8/05/2015

06.05.2015 to 08.05.2015

Presentations and documents of the 10th WAPES World Congress



WAPES Workshop Report 


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

    08h30 Registration 


    09h00  Welcoming Note by Moderator 


    09h15  Opening speeches

                                 Dr. Nusret YAZICI, Director General, İŞKUR and New elected President of WAPES
                                 Ms. Elisabet ARP, Former President of WAPES
                                 Mr. Faruk ÇELİK, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Turkey


    10h15  Coffee & Tea break


    10h45  "World of Public Employment Services: Challenges, Capacity and Perspectives for PES in the New World of Work"


The 2015 study "World of Public Employment Services" gives an overview of the current capacity, strategies and service portfolio of public           employment services in 73 countries. This panel will open the floor to experts and authors from WAPES, The Organization for Economic Co-   operation and Development (OECD) and the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) to discuss recommendations of which challenges public employment services face to be a relevant player in the new world of work.


   Mr. Miguel PEROMINGO, Consultant, World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES)


    Mr. Sylvain GIGUÈRE, Head of the LEED Division, Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD)


    Mr. Roberto FLORES, Lead Expert, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)




    Mr. Didier Maixent DJEIGO, Director General, National Employment Agency, Benin
    Ms. Marie Kristine VANBOCKESTAEL, Director General, Le Forem, Belgium
    Dr. Kilsang YOO, CEO, Korean Employment Information Service, South Korea


    12h00  G20 Employment Working Group Contributions


Under the Turkish Presidency of G20 in 2015, the G20 Employment Working Group (EWG) will hold a series of meetings on cross-cutting themes     in line with the themes of the WAPES World Congress. Representative from the EWG will share the insights of the studies conducted so far with the WWC participants, as well as the reports to be published within 2015 in order to highlight the common policy implications. The II. EWG Meeting will take place right after the WWC, with the theme “Improvement of Public Employment Services”.


    Mr. Erhan BATUR, Co-Chair, Employment Working Group



    12h30   Lunch


    14h00  Key Note Panel: An Insight into the New World of Work


To meet and serve our clients, we, the Public Employment Services, need to be aware of the trends and developments of the labour market nationally and globally. What will the labour market look like, where and what kind of jobs will be created and under what conditions do we want to work? What skills and competences will be requested by the new world of work?

Introductory speeches and panel discussion with representatives from the World Bank, The International Labour Organization (ILO), OECD and some other parties to give a world overview on the New World of Work.


    Ms. Azita BERAR AWAD, Director, Employment Policy Department, International Labour Organization (ILO)

    Mr. Arup BANERJI, Senior Director & Head of Social Protection & Labour Global Practice, World Bank


    Mr. Stefano SCARPETTA, Deputy Director, Directorate of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Organization for Economic Co-operation and         Development (OECD)


    Ms. Ankica PAUN JARALLAH, Vice-President of the European Network of Public Employment Services, European Commission


    Mr. Onur KOÇ, Deputy DG, Microsoft Turkey



    15h45   Coffee & Tea Break


    16h00   Parallel Sessions 1


    Session A1: Promotion of Better Jobs

    Definition of decent work as well as ways of promoting good jobs from the point of view of PES.

    Moderator: Mr. Aurelio PARISOTTO, Head of Country Employment Policy Unit, ILO


    Japan – Mr. Tomoaki KATSUDA, Deputy Director General, Employment Security Bureau of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Promotion of     Better Jobs for All


    Russia – Mr. Ivan SHKLOVETS, Deputy Director General, Federal Service on Labour and Employment


    CIETT – Ms Annemarie MUNTZ, Director Group Public Affairs, Randstad Holding




   Session B1: Future Labour Market

   Trends, features and expectations of the future labour market.

   Moderator: Ms. Elisabet ARP, Director of International Affairs, Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden


   Netherlands – Ms. Corine PEETERS, Business Advisor, UWV Werkbedrijf: Online Services Dutch Public Employment Service



   Norway – Mr. Yngvar ÅSHOLT, Director Research and Analysis, NAV: Future Labour Market


   Korea – Ms. Sunghee YOON, Research, KEIS: New job research, technological approach



   Session C1: Global Face of Skills-Gap

   Global trends in analysing skills gap within the context of migration and labour mobility.

   Moderator: Mr. Jonathan BARR, Policy Analyst, OECD


   France – Ms. Annie GAUVIN, Director International Affairs, Pôle emploi


   ETF, European Training Foundation – Ms. Ummuhan BARDAK, Employment Team Leader, Global Face of Skills-Gap




Thursday, 7 May 2015

    09h00  “Flexibility of PES to Adapt to Constantly Changing Environment”

    Key Note Speech by Mr Mikael SJÖBERG, Director General, Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden



    09h30  Parallel Sessions 2


    Session A2: Employment Services and Decent Work

    Public-Private Partnership to generate and sustain decent work

    Moderator: Mr. Matias BARROETAVEÑA, Secretary of Employment Ministry of Work and Social Security, Argentina


    Croatia – Ms. Vilma MOSTAHINIĆ, Senior Expert Adviser, Croatian Employment Service: Employment Services and Decent Work


    ILO – Mr. Michael MWASIKAKATA, Active Labour Market Policies and Employment Services Specialist: Role of Public Employment Services in           Promoting Decent Work”


    Ivory Coast –Mr. Kouakou Philippe N'DRI, Director General, AGEPE




    Session B2: Employers’ Needs in a Changing Labour Market

    Determining the needs of employers and PES adaptation.

    Moderator: Ms. Annie GAUVIN, Director International Affairs, Pôle emploi, France


    Germany – Ms. Kea EILERS, Managing Director International Cooperation, Bundesagentur für Arbeit: The BA’s Employer Service


    Slovenia – Mr. Jurij SNOJ, Director of Local Office Ljubljana, Employment Service of Slovenia: How can PES adapt to employers’ needs?


    USA – Ms. Pam GERASSIMIDES, Assistant Executive Director and National Labour Exchange Director, NASWA




     Session C2: Matching across borders

     Tools to manage mobility.

     Moderator: Mr. Ulrich HOERNING, Senior Social Protection Economist, World Bank


     European Commission, EURES – Ms. Agnese PAPADIA, Policy Officer: Making mobility a reality



     ILO (FOIL) and WAPES - Ms. Teresa ESTEBAN, Project Manager, ILO Programme for Training and Labour Intermediation Systems Central                      America (FOIL) and Mr. Miguel PEROMINGO, Consultant Americas WAPES: Employment Services and Learning across Borders in Latin America  






    11h00 Coffee & Tea Break


    11h30   Parallel Sessions 3


    Session A3: Entrepreneurship and Job Creation

    The role of PES in promoting entrepreneurship.

    Moderator: Ms. Ankica PAUN JARALLAH, Director General, Croatian Employment Service


    Cameroon – Mr. Camille Mouté à BIDIAS, Honorary President of WAPES and Director General of FNE


    Morocco – Mr. Noureddine BENKHALIL, Deputy Director General, ANAPEC: Self-employment and local development



    Togo – Mr. Edmond Comlan AMOUSSOU, Director General, ANPE



    Turkey – Mr. Mehmet ASLAN, Head of Active Labour Force Services Department, İŞKUR




    Session B3: Ways of Coping with Skills Gaps

    Innovative solutions to tackle skills-gap: Life-cycle approach.

    Moderator: Ms. Roberta GATTI, Global Leader on Labour Issues, World Bank


    Lithuania – Ms. Jūratė BAUBLIENE, Head of Division, Lithuanian Labour Exchange: Ways of coping with skills gaps


    Canada – Ms. Ramona McDOWELL, Manager, Horizontal Initiatives, Employment and Skills Development Canada: Innovation: Ideas with Impact


     Philippines – Ms. Ruth RODRIGUEZ, Division Chief, Department of Labour and Employment



    Session C3: Migration and Labour Market Integration – New Approaches

    How can PES promote and support the integration of immigrants into the labour market?

    Moderator: Ms. Zulum AVILA, Employment Service Officer, ILO


    Switzerland – Ms. Lydie-Elisa BEURET, Head of International Affairs, SECO: Migration and integration into the labour market – new approaches



    IOM - Magdalena MAJKOWSKA-TOMKIN, Chief of Mission for IOM offices in Hungary and Slovenia: Labour market integration for migrants at the     pre-departure stage and the role of PES



    World Bank – Ms. Ximena Del CARPIO, Senior Economist




    13h00   Lunch Break


    14h00    Conclusion of Workshops


     15h00    Refreshments


     15h20    Conclusive Topic and Panel


Public Employment Services need to communicate within the new world of work and employment, role and ways of communicating, creating trust within and outside an organisation – challenges for the future. Reflections by representatives from the WAPES regions will be given to be followed by a moderated panel discussion. The audience will be invited for questions and comments.


     Mr. Camille MOUTE À BIDIAS, Director General, National Employment Fund of Cameroon, WAPES President of Honour, Region Africa

     Ms. Ramona McDOWELL, Manager, Horizontal Initiatives, Employment and Skills Development Canada, Region Americas
     Ms. Junmei HUANG, Deputy Director of Employment Services Division, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, People's Republic of          China, Region Asia-Pacific
     Mr. Refik SENER, Senior Adviser, Arbetsförmedlingen,Sweden, Region Europe
     Mr. Anass DOUKKALI, Director General, ANAPEC Morocco, Region Middle-East and Arab Countries


     16h50    Closing Remarks


    17h20    End of the event



The 10th WAPES World Congress took place in Istanbul, Turkey, during the 6-8 of May 2015.


For the congress, we open a special web site . This web site includes  updated programme,  accomodation and transport, venue and social programme.  The congress will be  broadcasted online.


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Public employment Services and the New World of Work

The new world of work brings changes. Globalisation makes jobs more accessible and skills more diverse. International business has opened more doors to job seekers moving over borders and between qualification levels. Many workers in remote world regions or difficult social environments have managed to get out of poverty through micro-employment and remote training that years ago did not exist. Modern technologies like social networks and robotics spread education and create new jobs.

However, globalized labour is a double-edged sword. A worldwide potential of 38 to 40 million high-skilled workers contrast with a surplus of over 90 million low skilled workers, and a shortage of jobs for around 45 million medium-skilled workers worldwide. Right now, over 200 million people are without a job. Still, in many countries of the developing and emerging world, but also in the midst of developed societies, people live in poverty, without a serious perspective for decent employment.

Public employment services have been at the heart of helping the most vulnerable groups on the labour market and with supporting the matching of skills. The new world of work is challenging capacity and services of labour market actors all over the world. Public employment services in particular need to update their strategy and portfolio in order to improve the quality of jobs, as well as the provision, development and mobility of skills.

The 10th WAPES World Congress will highlight and discuss these challenges with the following streams:


Better jobs for all

This stream will reflect and discuss solutions for workers getting stuck in precarious jobs, and the threat of in-work poverty. It will also debate about distant and virtual work-settings that change the work-life balance of many people.


Skills for the future

Good jobs are those that develop your skills and personality and make your life more interesting. This stream will discuss how this can be achieved for all skills levels, also those that are now doomed to perform routine and monotonous tasks only.


Migration and mobility

Globalization has significantly increased the number of labour migrants. They might face exciting opportunities or better lives abroad, but they might also run into a lack of skills recognition, irregular job settings and a low readiness to manage their eventual return. This stream looks at addressing labour migration within the service portfolio of employment service.


Youth unemployment

Special attention throughout the whole WAPES World Congress will go to the specific situation of young people. Indeed, it is a challenge to facilitate an entry to the labor market with little working experience and manage the expectations of young people at the same time. How can public employment services help turn this area of conflict into a win-win situation?

Silahşör Caddesi No 42 Bomonti Şişli, İstanbul, Türkey