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20.11.2019 to 21.11.2019





The purpose of our activity is to form a platform with a holistic approach to share the present applications and methods in the field of labour market research and estimation providing future estimation which will facilitate the supply and demand matching of the labour market, which is the main job of PES, organisation of inter-institutional interaction at all levels, experiences, ideas and good practises about interactions with the institutions involved in labour market issues.  The results of the studies made will be a guide for actors in struggling with new challenges regarding the labour market.


DAY 1: 20.11.2019


09:45-11:15 Welcoming and Opening Speeches


Sofia Elomri, WAPES, Europe Region Vice Presidency


Cafer UZUNKAYA, İŞKUR Director General 


Zehra Zümrüt SELÇUK, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Services 




11:15-11:45 Family Photo and Coffee Break 



11:45-13:00 Key Note Panel: The Role of Labour Market Research in Labour Market Challenges 


Javier ALCANTARA ORTEGA, Statistical Officer, EUROSTAT (Skype connection) 




Burcu Tuba ŞENEL, Employment Officer, ILO Turkey




Dr. Kenan BAĞCI, Senior Researcher, Senior Researcher, Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC)




Frederic GUILLEMIN, BigData IT Proje Leader, Pole Emploi




Oğuz DÜZGÜN, Attorney Head of Labour Market and Statistics Department, İŞKUR




13:00-14:00 Lunch 



14:00-15:15 The Role of Labour Market Research in Forecasting Future Trends and Policy Development 



Moya Drayton, Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business - Australian Government




Samir Zuko, Expert Adviser for Local Labour Market, Labour and Employment Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina




Anna DELIBASHEVA, Director of Directorate "Analysis, Monitoring and Planning" and AFEPA, Bulgarian Public Employment Service





Dr. Necdet KENAR, General Secretary, Bahçeşehir University




Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman B. Aydemir, Sabacı University



15:15-15:30 Coffee Break 



15:30-16:45 Practices of Joint Evaluation of Supply and Demand Researches 


Lassaad HAMMI, Head of Unit, ANETI, Tunisia 








Prof. Dr. Murat ATAN, Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University






Dr. Altan ALDAN, Economist, The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey 






Day 2: 22.11.2019



09:30-10:45 Methodology and Fundamental Axes in Demand Direct Research and Country Practices; Evaluating the Process of Identifying the Skills Needed


Moderator: Prof Dr Ulvi SARAN, President of Public Research Foundation



Frederic Guillemin, BigData IT Proje Leader, Pole Emploi




Prof Dr Oğuz KARADENİZ, Pamukkale University



Volkan ÖZ, Head of Active Labour Services Department, İŞKUR




Mattia MAKOVEC, World Bank




10:45-11:00 Coffee Break 



11:00-12:00 Conclusion of Panels 


Moderator: Hilde D’AUBIOUL, WAPES Secretariat

Ten minute summaries of each panel 







The conference will focus on three main topics:


1.   The role of Market Research in Struggling with Challenges Regarding the Labour Market

Delivering an active public employment service is possible with a true labour market analysis. Within this context, the role of labour market research, which reveals the labour market with its all aspects, in presenting challenges and developing services will be addressed. Under this main title, the following topics will be dealt with:

·         The Role of Labour Market Research in forecasting future trends

·         The Role of Labour Market Research in policy development

·         The Role of Labour Market Research in identifying the main areas of challenge of the labour market

2.   Harmonisation of Supply and Demand Research


It is expected to discuss the ways in which countries conduct demand and supply-side research at the national level and how these two aspects are harmonized, if they are carried out by different institutions, and their market responses. This main title will cover the following topics.

·         Supply-oriented research

·         Demand-oriented research

·         Good practices in joint evaluation of research on supply and demand


3.   Methodology and Main Axes in Demand-Side Research


In this session, both the methods applied in the field and the main approaches in the analysis phase of the data collected will be discussed in this session. Moreover, the countries’ methods of measuring job vacancies, bottleneck jobs and the current number of employees will be examined. The following issues will be addressed under this main title.


·         Evaluating the methodologies used in demand-oriented research.

·         Comparing the job vacancy rate calculating models

·         Evaluating the processes of determining the vocations and skills needed in job vacancies

·         Using Labour Market Research in the formation of policies.



      WAPES representatives, PES member representatives

      National policy makers in the field of employment and labour market information policies

     Representatives of international organizations and NGOs


      To inspire the member delegates to contribute to innovative solutions, strategies and ideas on how to manage PES with new challenges in the labour market and what are the role of labour market research

      To bring input for labour market researches and its methodology via presentations of best practices by PES representatives and external speakers.

      To provide a platform and networking possibilities for established WAPES members, potential new members and key players in the field of labour and employment.


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