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Building Competency for Employment Services + Executive Committee

04.03.2015 to 05.03.2015

Presentations and documents of the Conference: 

Building Competency for Employment Services


Wednesday March 4th  2015

    09h00    Welcome of participants and Registration


    09h30    Opening of the conference : Welcome and Opening Remarks


    Dr. Young-sun Koh, Vice Minister of Employment and Labor, Korea

    Elisabet Arp, Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden, WAPES President
    Lenka Kint, WAPES Executive Secretary
    Dr. Kilsang Yoo, President, Korean Employment Information Services (KEIS), WAPES Vice-President, Asia and the Pacific Region


    10h00    Key Note Speech: Dulce Baptista, Coordinator for Technical Assistance to Public Employment Services in Latin America and the                     Caribbean, Inter-American Development Bank



    10h30     Photo session and Coffee Break


    10h50-12h00    Plenary session: Competency Building for Vocational Counsellors


    Yoshimi Sasaki, Group Leader Planning & Development, Career Development Association, Japan


    Florence Dumontier, Director, Management University of Pôle Emploi, France


    Prof. Dr. Yasemin Körtek, Lecturer University of the German Public Employment Service



    12h00-14h00     Lunch


   14h00 – 17h00     2 Simultaneous workshops


                               Workshop A : Competency Building Programs for Employment Services

                                Moderator: Åsa Bergqvist, International Advisor, Public Employment Service, Sweden


     Dr. Yohaeng Lee, Training for Human Resource of Korean Employment Services and Challenges


     Huang Junmei, Division of Employment Service, Department of Employment Promotion, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,                People´s Republic of China


    Mustapha Wadder, Director General, National Agency for Employment and Entrepreneurship, Tunisia



                                  Workshop B : Leadership Development in Employment Services

                                  Moderator: Emrullah Uludag, Employment Expert, Public Employment Service Turkey


    Marie-Thérèse Fombona, Head of International Unit, Le Forem, Belgium


    Lieu Ngoxuan, Deputy Director for Employment, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Vietnam


    Greg Ashmead, Executive Director, Ingeus



    Hay Hunleng, Deputy Director General, National Employment Agency Cambodia


    17h00 – 18h00    Plenary session “Results of workshops”



    Kilsang Yoo, KEIS, WAPES Vice President, Asia and the Pacific region


     Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between KEIS and Pôle Emploi




The performance of public employment services and the quality of their services depends on the capacity and competence that they have been able to build and improve.


The skills of the staff of public employment services on assistant, expert and management level are crucial for their role and impact on the labour market and the outreach they have on job-seekers, employers and other labour market stakeholders.


Questions like who is providing staff training, internal or external trainers, and how will performance be measured and monitored become important for the efficient and result-driven human resource management of public employment services.

This conference will share know-how and experience over the systemic and effective operation of internal skills development, external training institutes and curriculum development for vocational counsellors, case managers, supervisors, and managers of job centers and their human resource departments.


The different panels and workshops will cover job analysis, train-the-trainer approaches, performance evaluation, leadership development, and qualification for vocational counsellors.

The Federation of Korean Industries - 24 Yeoui-daero Yeongdeungpogu Seoul
Republic of Korea
Asia & Pacific