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Conference in Chisinau

11.09.2013 to 12.09.2013

Successful Service Delivery - Ways of Working with Employers

Public Employment Services (PES) has two major client groups, employers and job seekers. For optimal outcome, both groups need to be serviced with a high level of attention and support. Servicing one group facilitates the delivery of service to the other. Active relationships with employers increase the number of visible vacancies for job seekers. Helping job seekers to verify and certify skills increases employers’ opportunities to satisfy their skills demands. The PES of Moldova, Agentia Nationala Pentru Ocuparea Fortei de Munca, will host this event focusing on the relationships between PES and employers. During the conference experts and decision makers will share their experiences and practices on how to organise service delivery; how to create, maintain and improve relationships between PES and employers; and how to evaluate, monitor and follow up the efficiency of the service delivery. This conference will conclude the peer learning on service to employers, conducted by experts from Armenia, Croatia, Moldova, and Slovenia. The findings and conclusions from this peer review will be presented during the conference.