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Conference Tunis

09.05.2017 to 10.05.2017





International Conference on the theme

"Public Employment Services and civil society, a participatory approach

for improving the employability of jobseeker "

Tunis, from 09 to 10 May 2017


The fight against youth unemployment’s issue certainly requires an integrated national vision that takes into account the specificities’ importance of the different territory levels of a country.


The Public Employment Services (PES), through their roles in the implementation of national employment strategies and their territorial anchoring, are led to establish partnerships with various actors involved in the employment process, including employers' organizations, trade unions, academic institutions, associations, research centres, vocational training structures, investors and companies as well as local and regional authorities. They are also expected to monitor the market and the changes in recruitment practices, as well as the technological innovations widely used by employers and job seekers.


In order to meet the double requirement of the territorial specificity of globalization constraints, it is essential to use the sharing and exchange of good practices in this area.


In this context, and on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the National Agency for Employment and Independent Labour (ANETI), is organizing in Tunisia the 09 & 10 May 2017 an interregional workshop on "Public Employment Services and civil society, a participatory approach for Improving the employability of jobseeker" in order to exchange good practices and draw inspiration from the experiences required in the field. This workshop is supported by WAPES Executive Secretariat.


Experts from all world regions will come to share their experiences and insights on these issues and will try to find best practices together.


The debates of this workshop will be organized around 4 panels:


1 PES and Civil Society: situation, challenges and prospects

2 Partnership approach for employment’s promotion and employability’s improvement

3 Partnerships’ promotion with Civil Society: good practices and innovative approaches

4 Partnerships’ consolidation and sustainability with the Civil Society for employment’s promotion and employability’s improvement


Middle East & Arab Countries