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Dynamic of Innovation and Idea Management in PES + Managing Board

19.11.2014 to 20.11.2014
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VIDEO: Dynamic of Innovation and Idea Management in PES



All Public Employment Services committed themselves into a process of modernisation and innovation management of their services and organisations, in order to carry out their missions, supporting job seekers, recruitment process and fighting against unemployment.


They share the same challenges : to be responsive and creative for improving their services’ quality and efficiency to cure the labour market dysfunctions in a changing environment due to economical, technological and social reasons. 


In particular within WAPES we are used to take external resources to stimulate these innovations. The aim of this is to share experiences and best practices of benchmarking and bench learning that we develop and share during our events. The topics addressed are usually linked to strategic or political priorities which guide from outside PES developments.


In order to foster and stimulate the evolution processes in our PES we also rely on internal processes and resources mobilizing the staff such as management of ideas process, platforms or exchanges forums, projects database and good practices, experimentation and assessment methodologies and incentive systems. The expected effects are favourable results related to optimization, simplification, innovation and development of the quality of our services.


In our PES, this approach is even more efficient when some room for initiative is granted to advisers and line managers in order to adapt a closer service to the needs of jobseekers and companies.  These systems of idea management and experimentations promote the staff involvement in the process of modernisation of our organisations.


Management and organisation of innovation in PES as well as suitable methods are key-factors for the efficiency of these approaches. Participative processes and learning organisations can illustrate this idea.


Innovations may focus on services, modalities of their delivery, processes and partnership governance,. They may include social, technological and organisational aspects.


These innovations are often about new challenges we have to face with (the fight against unemployment of young people, selectivity or discrimination on the labour market, prevention of long-term unemployment, mobilization of skills, mobility incentives, partnerships, accessibility and adjustment of services….)


Innovations and idea management dynamic trends based on internal or external resources, are intelligence and expertise driving forces, vital for our PES modernisation.


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