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Labour Migration and Public Employment Services - LATEST Program

17.10.2012 to 19.10.2012

Managing migration of the workforce is the most sucessful when it takes in four aspects. First, how the migrant is prepared before he/she goes to work in another country, including not only the professional aspects, but also the private and cultural ones. Second, there needs to be a sensible regulation in place to ensure regular migration. Thirdly, in the country of destination the migrant needs to find work, if he/she does not have an occupation already. Finally, migration should always be thought along the lines of a possible return to the country of origin. A lot of migrants do not see their move as a one-way street. Returning also helps economic development and avoids brain drain. The Americas, traditionally a region with a high rate of migration, seems a good hosting environment to discuss and learn about how public employment services all over the world operate as facilitators of labour migration. The Servicio Nacional de Empleo (SENAE) of the Dominican Republic invites WAPES members and partners to exchange their experience 18th and 19th of October in Punta Cana. Program and practicalities will be updated regularly. The event will be preceded by the WAPES managing board meeting 2012.