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Launch of "World of PES" Study


The study "World of Public Employment Services" published by WAPES and IDB in cooperation with OECD will be launched in Washington DC, 11 February 2016. The event will be streamed online and on demand afterwards by clicking this link.

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 VIDEO : Launching the book WORLD OF PES, Washington feb. 11, 2016

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The world economy is growing more slowly than was forecasted before the global financial crisis, resulting in challenging labor market conditions worldwide.  Job numbers have not yet recovered after the crisis. Income inequalities have widened, social unrest has increased, and labor market conditions have dramatically changed. Underlying vulnerabilities associated with the slow job recovery need to be addressed, especially high rates of youth unemployment, long-term unemployment, and withdrawal from labor markets.


Public employment services have been established in most countries in the world to act as a key intermediary between supply of and demand for labor and to address labor market inefficiencies. To do so, they use a number of different approaches and instruments, planning and implementing many of the active labor market policies (ALMPs) that help workers find jobs and firms fill vacancies. They also facilitate labor market adjustments and cushion the impact of economic transitions.



To meet these objectives, public employment services usually perform some combination of five different functions: (1) Job brokerage, (2) Provision of labor market information, (3) Design and implementation of ALMPs, (4) Management of unemployment benefits, and (5) Management of labor migration. Today, public employment services need to adjust these instruments to a new and challenging context – a working world that consists of large number of labor market transitions (i.e., workers changing jobs throughout their careers) and shifts in skills demand that will require a new approach to developing and maintaining relevant skills. 

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