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Staff Skills Development in PES

12.03.2014 to 13.03.2014


Staffs Skills development is one of the main concerns of the Public Employment Services. During our meetings, this issue is often mentioned as a condition of success for the employment policies. A conference dealing with various components of this topic will take place in Brazzaville, Congo on 12 and 13 March. Block already the date on your calendars! 


List of speakers: 
M. Jean Paul Barbier, employment expert at the International Labour Office in Geneva
Mrs Franciscah Tambudzai, Director General, PES, Zimbabwé
Mrs Annie Gauvin, Director of International Affairs, Pôle emploi, France
M Mattias Buvari, Territorial Director, PES, Sweden
M. Moez Amamou, Deputy Director, ANETI, Tunisia
M. Mohamed Slim Oueslati, ANETI, Tunisia
Mrs Angélique Kikudi, Director Général, PES, RDC
Mrs Nnang Thérèse, Technical Consultant, FNE, Cameroun
Mrs Nkeng Magdalene, Director of human resources, FNE, Cameroun
M Georges Loembet, Director of human resources, Brasco, Congo
M Sang Hyon Lee, Researcher, PES, Korea
M Hafid Kamal, Director General, ANAPEC, Maroc
M Nouredine Benkhalil, Deputy Director General, ANAPEC, Maroc
M Joseph Akonzo, Director of human resources, MTN, Congo
M Franck Laguerre, PES, Centrafrique
Mrs Noëly Oyabiki Iwandza, Director of human resources, AIRTEL, Congo
M Francis Kamissoko, CIB, Congo
M Makan Moussa Sissoko, Director General, ANPE, Mali
Republic of the Congo