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02.11.2009 to 03.11.2009

Labour market monitoring

ANAPEC, the Moroccan PES, organises in close cooperation with WAPES and the Swedish PES a seminar in Agadir in the beginning of November 2009. The event concentrates on the question whether and how labour market monitoring can contribute to better match academic and vocational education on the one hand and the needs of employers on the other. If you are interested in participating please contact the WAPES Executive Secretariat or ANAPEC, the hosting organisation.
29.10.2009 to 30.10.2009

Benchmarking TD Europe - Working with competences

Next to several European PES practices on working with competences, this Benchmark Thematic Day will also highlight the results of the third Peer Review/Peer Learning Process launched on that theme by WAPES Region Europe in March 2009. This time, the Dutch UWV Werkbedrijf‘s strategy & practice has been selected as model to be reviewed.
20.10.2009 to 22.10.2009

Region Africa Workshop and Technical Assistance Seminar

Yaounde, Cameroon: Region Africa Workshop “The economic crisis and the role of PES in the implementation of the Global Jobs Pact” - Technical Assistance Seminar “Validation and partnerships of technical Assistant project proposals”

"Frankfurt Process" meeting

This time the WAPES Region Europe will have its “Frankfurt Process” meeting in Brussels on Thursday 24 September. Various agenda points will be discussed among European PES members of WAPES, namely 2008-2009 results & future activity proposals. Working language will be English
24.06.2009 to 25.06.2009

European Employment Week

The Employment Week 2009 conference programme will look at today's challenges and opportunities of the labour market: First, with respect to what happens to Europe's human capital, the conference agenda will focus on skills development and evaluate how the European workforce is coping with change. The programme will also present how the European labour market is responding to the current economic situation and will concentrate on competitiveness, innovation and restructuring.