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19.04.2018 to 20.04.2018

XI WAPES World Congress

REGISTRATION PROGRAM PRACTICALITIES   The World of Work is changing …   This is a reality and the question is no longer really whether this will happen but how these changes will take place and what the impacts on our economies will be, our jobs, our ways of working and, in a wider sense, on our representations of work.   It is well known that predicting the future of work in face of this digitalisation is impossible, but public stakeholders must be able to anticipate the possibility of unemployment that is not cyclical but structural, with its potential impacts on inequality.   Sharing this...

General Assembly


Managing Board

01.03.2018 to 03.03.2018

Forecasting the Labour Market

ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM PROGRAMME PRACTICALITIES   Introduction In the context of constant social, economic and political changes and due to vast extension of information and communication technologies labour market forecasting becomes a foundation for providing guaranteed employment to the population. Adequate approach to forecasting the situation on a labour market allows the experts to estimate the current situation in supply and demand of the workforce, predict potential number and composition of unemployed population who will look for a job in foreseeable future and become clients of...

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