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Managing Board 2016

WAPES Managing Board Meeting:                                       - for Managing Board Members only                                       - see separate Agenda (sent by email)                                       - Working languages: Japanese, English, French 
25.10.2016 to 28.10.2016

Managing Labour Mobility through Public Employment Services

Training Language: SPANISH Presentation Power Point and Videos of the event available in spanish via this link: FORMACIÓN EN GESTIÓN DE LA MOVILIDAD LABORAL    Introduction   Geographical labour mobility is a major driver of the world economy. It can move and improve skills for the greater good of global development and individual careers. On the other hand, skills mobility that is not managed well is a source of workers exploitation, inequality and poverty.     In Latin America, the number of mobile workers in destination countries has been increasing. The last five years has seen the...

3rd WAPES Long Term Strategy (LTS) meeting

More than one year has passed since the General Assembly in Istanbul where the decision was made to create a Long Term Strategy for WAPES. Shortly after this meeting our first meeting was planed and organised. In September we will have the third workshop of the WAPES Long Term Strategy Group.   The aim of the meeting is to complete the strategic reflection on the future role of public employment services and to adopt a paper that will be presented and discussed during the Managing Board in Japan.   Programme:   Thursday 29 September 2016 09h00   Welcome address by Kea Decker (Managing...

European Meeting

In the framework of the Vice-Presidency of WAPES Region Europe, we are very pleased to invite you to our next European Meeting, on 28 September 2016.   The Meeting will be held in Bonn, Germany. You can register to the European meeting through the online registration form of the event.   Date: 28 September 2016 Time: 12:00 - 18:30 Place: Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV), Villemombler Str. 76, 53123 Bonn, at conference room “G 036” Looking at the fact that the meeting will be only one day long, we would like to offer those who are not involved in the Long Term Strategy meeting, a...
07.09.2016 to 08.09.2016

Interregional workshop: "Local partnerships serving job-seekers and companies"

Programme:                           7 Septembre Cérémonie d’ouverture   M. Edmond Comlan Amoussou, General Director of ANPE   M. André Nyanga Elanga, President of AASEP and WAPES vice president   Mme Lenka Kint, WAPES Executive Secretary M. George Kwawu AIDAM, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Primary , Secondary , Head of Technical and Vocational Education , representing the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Administrative Reform       TABLE RONDE 1                                      Q&R local partnership , general , challenges, experiences...