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General Assembly


Managing Board

01.03.2018 to 03.03.2018

Forecasting the Labour Market

PROGRAMME      Thursday 1st March   Registration Welcome coffee   Welcome and opening remarks         Denis VASILYEV, Deputy Head Of Federal Service for Labour and Employment (Rostrud), the Russian Federation                      Words of Cafer UZUNKAYA, Director General of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR),  President of WAPES, Turkey (Read By Françoise KUYL,Executive Secretary of WAPES)                 Opening plenary session   The Tomorrow’s Labour Market   Michael MWASIKAKATA, Senior Specialist and Coordinator, Employment Services and ALMPs, ILO                  Dmitri CHERNEYKO...

executive committee

15.11.2017 to 16.11.2017

Integration of the refugees into the labour market

PROGRAMME  REPORT: Disclaimer when the interpretation is recorded and made available to the public or broadcast. The interpretation is intended to facilitate communication and cannot be considered an authentic reproduction of the discussion. The interpreter declines all liability for any errors or omissions in the interpretation, with respect to the content of the original words spoken or the information on which they were based, or any losses caused by the use of the interpretation.   Wednesday 15 November 2017   Welcome and opening remarks Master of Ceremony: Nassima DZAIR   Cafer...