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Actiris launches new digital tools to better preserve employment in this period of deconfinement

18 May 2020

Actiris launches new digital tools to better preserve employment in this period of deconfinement


The Brussels Employment Office now offers a skills-based automatic matching service


On Monday, the first phase of the deconfinement plan began. Some companies are active again. Workers who were previously economically unemployed have returned to work. Employers must recruit urgently. At the same time, covid-19 put an end to five years and five months of successive decline in unemployment. And with the economic crisis ahead, there is a significant increase in the number of job seekers. In this difficult context, it is essential to support employers who are recruiting and those who find themselves unemployed.


Actiris has therefore taken a new step in its digitalisation. After having switched to a 100% digital service during this period of containment, the Brussels employment office is launching automatic matching based on skills. In practical terms, thanks to new tools, the new website, My Actiris and My Select Actiris, a better match can be made between the needs of employers and the profile of job seekers. All this focused on the skills sought and acquired.


Two tools with the same objective: efficient automatic matching


My Actiris 


This is the digital platform dedicated to job seekers. Their entire career path can be found there. Registration, profile, labour market research... Job seekers are now invited to fill in their file, on computer, on tablet or smartphone, highlighting their skills. Their degree and language skills, of course, the possession of a licence, but also the skills acquired through work experience or activities in daily life. By completing their application as best they can, they will receive job offers directly matching their profile. Offers based on their training and skills, but also on their preferences. Job seekers also benefit from extensive digital support during this period of crisis. This will increase their chances of finding a job. 


My Select Actiris


This new platform has just been launched. It is addressed to employers. They can now post job offers in real time and free of charge in a completely autonomous and simplified manner. These offers benefit from greater visibility on the new Actiris website. This platform also offers other significant advantages. It is the largest database of Brussels talent. It allows time saving and automatic matching based on the needed skills. This is essential at a time when organizations are increasingly relying on soft skills and human skills to find their employees. Thanks to this platform, the employer directly receives the profiles corresponding to his research and can then contact these candidates via e-mail or by phone.


Employers can therefore publish their offers and select candidates themselves, but they can also choose to get help. My Select Actiris offers free pre-selection. In addition to technical know-how, the advisors evaluate the candidates' soft skills, such as motivation, team spirit and perseverance. They also provide information about training opportunities and hiring aids and finally make the offers more visible. Given the current context, interviews are conducted by videoconference or by telephone. Within 15 days, a maximum of 6 candidates are proposed. The employer has only to decide. This saves time and energy, allowing him to focus on his core business.




In this time of health crisis, some employers urgently need additional employees. They are encouraged to mention #COVID19 in the title of the function when posting their job offer on My Select Actiris. This hashtag has an important impact on the visibility of the offer to job seekers, but also to our consultants. The jobs are thus more highlighted. More concretely, the employer who posts an offer and chooses this service is directly contacted by Select Actiris to identify his need and analyse how to respond to it in this time of crisis. Job seekers can also cary out a search with the #COVID19 filter.  So far Actiris has received 779 offers #COVID19. Some branches of activity are particularly affected, such as health care, the food and trade sectors. To find candidates more easily, companies are also invited to highlight the efforts made in terms of hygiene, well-being and social distancing in the workplace.


Digitize by leaving no one behind


This automatic skills-based matching is the achievement of several years of work and investment in digitalisation.  Its realisation comes at a crucial moment. In these health crisis times, the need for digital services has literally skyrocketed. For example, the number of daily users of the Brulingua language learning platform has doubled since the beginning of the confinement. For PC-Skills, which offers office automation training, the number has even tripled.


This must not make us forget a reality: the digital divide is indeed present in Brussels. According to a 2018 Statbel study, 33% of Brussels households have at least one fixed computer and 73% a laptop. So, there is a significant portion of the population that does not have a computer. And in this period, those without access to digital tools are even more isolated.


Actiris is fully aware of this. It is essential for us to continue to support these more vulnerable job seekers, to ensure also and especially for them, the continuity of our services. It was in this perspective that the contact centre was split from the beginning of the crisis. An essential reinforcement since the contact center receives between 700 and 1000 calls a day. This free telephone service allows you to register and re-register, to get advice or to obtain a lot of information, whether on the administrative side or on the training possibilities.


Grégor Chapelle, Managing Director of Actiris: "We must continue to improve the tools at the service of job seekers and employers in Brussels by leaving no one behind. It is a question of equal opportunities. By taking this new shift towards digitalization, which will not be the last, we facilitate applications and recruitment. The goal is to help preserve Brussels' employment as much as possible. In this time of crisis, every successful matching counts.”


Benard Clerfayt, Minister of Employment, Vocational Training and the Digital Transition: "We have been working on improving the matching between supply and demand for jobs in the Brussels region for quite a long time now. Today we are proud to present two new tools integrating artificial intelligence and greatly improving the quality of services offered by Actiris to both job seekers and employers. Previously, job seekers were identified according to their titles, to their degrees and certificates. Employers are not looking for diplomas; they are looking for talent. From now on, thanks to My Actiris and My Select Actiris, matching will no longer be based on degrees but on skills. The goal: the right person in the right place, as soon as possible".


Pascale Hourman, Spokesperson for Actiris