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ANPEJ: Forum Africa Destination Emploi

07 December 2017

Communiqué ANPJ

 The National Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment (ANPEJ) presented its new range of occupational mobility services, MOBI/PRO, at the "Afrique Destination Emplois" Forum, organised by Campus France and held on 24 and 25 November in Paris.


Campus France (French agency for the promotion of higher education, admissions and international mobility) organised, for the first time, a Forum dedicated to professional integration and entrepreneurship in Africa, which was aimed at young people – particularly Africans – who have graduated from French higher education institutions.


The Forum was launched by the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Ms Frédérique Vidal and by the Malian Minister for Employment and Professional Training, Mr Maouloud Ben Kattra.


During the event, ANPEJ presented its new range of occupational mobility services - MOBI/PRO and it also served as an opportunity for ANPEJ representatives to: 

•introduce the Senegalese Public Employment Service, ANPEJ, and to promote its range of services;

•identify multicultural profiles, particularly Senegalese, trained within French institutions and wishing to integrate professionally into Senegal;

•meet with companies likely to recruit from amongst the candidates for migration accompanied by ANPEJ;

•access contacts within the network of Ambassadors and Campus France locations in 17 sub-Saharan African countries;

•become acquainted with French higher education institutions in order to create and reinforce areas of cooperation, and the Association of Directors of University Institutes of Technology (ADIUT), which serves as a link between the requirements of the African economy and short-term professional training;

•establish relationships with public and private institutions in France and to take an interest in European initiatives aimed at promoting professional integration in Africa.


In fact, thanks to the MIGR’ACTIONS project, which was funded by the European Commission with the aim of boosting professional integration, ANPEJ now intends to broaden its range of services by integrating support for international professional mobility, thereby taking charge of the demand for mobility amongst job seekers. That activity therefore falls within the scope of the actions of component no. 3 of the project: Migration and Return.