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Arbetsförmedlingen’s new strategy for customer work – Digital First

19 March 2021

Starting in 2021, Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish public employment service) will work with a new customer and channel strategy. The strategy, named Digital First, clarifies how to meet our customers' needs and in what way. 


The strategy was decided by Director General Ms Maria Mindhammar in October 2020. While the strategy has been decided, there is still a great deal of work to follow in 2021 in order to communicate, realize and implement the strategy. During the first quarter of the year, as many as possible in our organisation should have a general knowledge that the strategy exists and understanding for what it means in general. By the end of 2021, a first version of the new working methods needed for the strategy will be in place.


Digital First 


All work related to our customer groups is based on the premise that we primarily meet them digitally. Digital solutions will also be crucial to supporting our internal customer work. The new strategy clarifies how we are to meet our customers' needs and in what way, regardless of channel. The strategy is expected to contribute to: 


•better customer experience through efficient, fast and easily accessible support

•efficient matching in the labour market, a focus on value creation and an efficient use of the agency's resources

•improved productivity and work environment through clarified roles and responsibilities in both development work and customer deliveries




Digital technology has evolved and requirements from jobseekers and employers to be able to take command of their own process have increased. At the same time, the changes both on the labour market and in the political sphere have been rapid. 2019 was a year of change for Arbetsförmedlingen with high staff turnover and reduced funding. Political decisions following the January agreement led to preparations for the reform of the authority. The work with channel management had already started but was accelerated with the aim of streamlining services and to create increased value for customers. 


Why Digital First? 


The strategy Digital First is a fundamental approach to our customer operations, as we are now amidst a great shift towards the future in terms of preparing for the new labour market authority, but also taking into consideration the digital development in the surrounding world. The strategy allows a clearer control of our customer operations and helps us achieving clear and measurable effects on how we meet customer needs. It clarifies the role of digitalisation as a means for achieving results and it explain how we can bring about a change in a strategic, tactical and operational level. Finally, the Digital First strategy highlights how digital services for our customers and data-driven working methods for our employees contributes to value creation for our customers, our organisation and for society as a whole.


What is Digital First? 


Digital First is Arbetsförmedlingen’s strategy for how to meet and work with customers. The strategy is based on customer needs, external analysis and an analysis of Arbetsförmedlingen’s assignment. It gives us the ability to plan and develop good services corresponding to customer needs and the authority's assignment.


How will we deliver with Digital First?


Service delivery according to the Digital First strategy will be secured using customer flows and processes. A customer flow is controlled and owned by the customer. Processes are led by PES, where we help the customer to make good decisions on their way to reaching their goals with the support of information and data processes.


Customer flows are the possible paths that the customer can take through our services and channels. Customer flows describe the parts of the customer's journey that take place together with PES and can be influenced by us. 


Our processes support the customer flows and describe the steps in which we need to handle matters in the different customer flows. Our processes must ensure uniformity and rule of law regarding PES services. 




Arbetsförmedlingen International Cooperation



This strategy is a testimony to how technology can be harnessed for better service provision.