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Belgium: SYNERJOB - 11 Years of Synergy

13 April 2018

On this March 27th, Synerjob, the Federation of the Belgian Public Employment and Training Services, organized a colloquium gathering the Administrators and the Directors general of Actiris, of the ADG, of Brussels Formation, of the Forem and of the VDAB.

This colloquium was the opportunity to assess on actions carried out in collaboration by the various Belgian Public Employment and Training Services since about ten years, but also to approach the current projects and the ones to come.

After an analysis of the state of the Belgian labour market, various themes were approached. Let us quote the actions of interregional mobility, the projects set up within the framework of the Guarantee for Youth, the collaborations regarding training, a reminder of collaborations regarding skills transfer, the importance of benchlearning and the presence of Synerjob on the international stage.

What about the future?

As for the future, 5 Public employment and training services still strengthen their collaborations, through 7 works, to meet the challenges of the regional labour markets more effectively. Indeed, each of them is conscious that these challenges multiply and that the need for synergies is more sustainable than ever. These big works are not the slightest: professional transitions, digitalization of the economy and the work, evolution of the skills and the expected capacities, active measures of management of the labour market, articulation between employment and education, promotion of the interregional mobility of job-seekers, organized by a system of control and organization of strategic seminars.

Under the protection of Synerjob, the PES/PFS intend to be able to anticipate, be flexible, agile, innovative, work together more closely and collaborate with other partners.

More information on Synerjob or on the Belgian labour market?

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