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CEPESSEC, meeting

19 November 2019

The Labour and Employment Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized the Managerial and Expert Conferences of the Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC) on 23rd-24th October 2019 in Sarajevo.  The Managerial Conference addressed the topic of “Affirmative Measures and Programmes Targeting Employers” and participants of the Expert Conference discussed the “Efficiency of Active Labour Market Measures with Special Focus on Self-employment Programmes”. 


Besides representatives of CPESSEC members, the conferences in Sarajevo were also attended by representatives of the Regional Cooperation Council and the Austrian Embassy to BiH.  Ms. Eve-Marie Mosseray, WAPES Executive Secretary, addressed the meeting via a video recording. 


CPESSEC is a regional non-profit organisation that gathers on a voluntary basis public employment services or governmental authorities responsible for the implementation of labour market policies or labour force management.  CPESSEC facilitates the exchange of information and experience on service delivery to employers and job seekers, as well as on the improvement of capacities of public employment services.


The Partnership Protocol was signed in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia (now North Macedonia), Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey and CPESSEC officially came into existence in May 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia when the CPESSEC Operational Guidelines were signed and its website launched.  Hungary joined in 2013 and became tenth CPESSEC member country. 


The presidency of CPESSEC is held by each of the members in turn for one year, following the English alphabetical order of the member countries names. The public employment service holding the presidency undertakes to provide the premises, professional, technical and financial conditions and staff for CPESSEC operation.  


Representatives of CPESSEC member countries meet at least once a year at managerial and expert level.  Conference topics are selected as a result of a voting by member countries on the list of topics proposed by the presiding member.  In addition to the exchange that takes place in conferences, member countries share relevant data and information by means of the Statistical Bulletin that is annually published on CPESSEC website.


In addition to being procedural, the role of the presiding member also implies a high degree of responsibility towards the functioning of CPESSEC.  The Labour and Employment Agency of BiH has successfully carried out this task in 2019.  On behalf of the Labour and Employment Agency of BiH, the Conferences in Sarajevo were presided by Muamer Bandić, Director. 


Sanela Zeljković/ Labor and Employment Agency, Sarajevo, Bosnie-Herzégovine