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Chili: The new Labour Platform of the country.

22 May 2018

The new Labour Platform of the country. A Sence initiative inaugurated by the Undersecretary of Labour in Arica and Parinacota

In Arica: Undersecretary of Labour inaugurates new and original Labour Platform in Chile

Arica & Parinacota is the first region of Chile to begin with this public service for employability promotion. "With this milestone it gives the go to Sence 2.0, where the training process is extended to an accompaniment and guidance of users until their placement in a job offer," explained the Undersecretary of Labour.

14 May 2018

After having participated in a Pawa (an Aymara rogation (ceremony) in which the Pachamama or Mother Earth was asked for the success, welfare and prosperity of the new office), carried out in front of the regional Sence, the Undersecretary of Labour, Fernando Arab; the Regional Intendant (S) of Arica and Parinacota, Mirtha Arancibia; the Seremi of Labour of Arica and Parinacota, Juan Manuel Carrasco and the National Director of Sence, Pedro Goic, inaugurated this morning the first Labour Platform of the country.

The new office, under the National Training and Employment Service, Sence,

It is located in Paseo 21 de Mayo No. 423, Arica and seeks to guide and support the career path of those who need job counselling through the connection of professional profiles of workers and the existing labour supply in the area.

"As a Ministry of Labour, we are very happy because this is going to allow our workers not only to be trained but to have access to decent and quality employment, we hope it will be the first of many more that will exist in the country," commented Arab, and explained that the office seeks to "fulfil an old longing that we have always had, as we have been dedicated to the areas of labour and training, and it will not only allow the training of our workers, but also to help them make the next step: finding a job".


The link between labour supply and demand 

The new Labour Platform has a special module for the attention of people with disabilities. In it, the interested parties will find a professional team that after having made a job profile of each user and a survey of work demands of companies, will connect with the applicants that best suit them (in accordance to the elaborated profile).

"This Labour Platform comes to close a cycle, in which we have detected needs and we have trained according to these. We hope there is a meeting between the employer and the workers, that there is a permanent link where companies come to look for people according to their profiles and thus give job opportunities to all people, without any condition to provide a more decent job and more productive for the development of the region" said the highest authority of Sence, Pedro Goic.

For its part, the Regional Intendent, (S) Mirtha Arancibia, highlighted the importance of the region being a pioneer in this type of initiative: "It is very important that our President Sebastián Piñera is concerned about strengthening the capabilities of this Labour Platform. It is a tool that will allow Aricans to improve their quality of life and to have a better job”.