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FOREM is stepping up remote assistance for new jobseekers

18 March 2021

The Covid-19 crisis prompted Le Forem to innovate and continue to provide intensive support to jobseekers and companies. To increase the level of information provided to jobseekers, Le Forem is organising online sessions starting on Thursday 14 January.



The aim being to enable them to easily identify the services that could help them in their job search. At the end of December 2020, there were 209,466 jobseekers in Wallonia, including 32,862 young people undergoing vocational integration training.


During this month, 2,242 people registered to Le Forem. To support them in these unprecedented circumstances, Le Forem proposes various levers to boost their job search: 


-Websites: -

-The call centre -0800/93 947 

-Forem advisers available online or in person by appointment.

-Remote information sessions


These include a new feature: the "Welcome" sessions. These are online workshops to discover, from home, what Forem can do to help new jobseekers find a job. These are interactive virtual meetings based on exchange and advice. 


For one hour, jobseekers from all backgrounds, and with varying degrees of professional success, will have the opportunity to discover what Le Forem can do for them and ask the advisers live questions.



These sessions are real levers to get employment. 


The objective is to provide information on Forem's online services, career guidance, training and how to prepare for a job (CV, interview...).


It is therefore genuine, comprehensive, and cross-cutting information to help the jobseeker to take action.


Each online meeting is structured around three main themes:


1.I am a jobseeker: I don't know what the labour market can offer me or what I want to do.

2.I am a jobseeker, I know what I want to do, but I'm not ready.

3.I am a job seeker, I know what I want to do, I am actively looking for a job.


After the session, the jobseeker will be able to choose which tool, which service to activate to further pursue his/her steps towards employment.


Thierry Ney

Directeur Communication corporate et Porte-parole