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France-Algérie: new operational tool of the Agence nationale pour l'emploi (ANEM)

25 April 2017

Nomenclature algérienne des métiers et emplois [Algerian trades and jobs register - NAME] is the name of the new operational tool of the Agence nationale pour l'emploi [Algerian National Agency for Employment - ANEM]. It is the result of collaborative work carried out in Algeria with several international experts from Pôle Emploi. 


The Algerian Agence nationale pour l'emploi (ANEM) has its own trade reference base. During a seminar on the topic of communication held on 1 April in Algiers, the Public Employment Service (PES) presented the NAME, which is the result of several years of collaboration between ANEM and Pôle Emploi. 


The project was implemented by ANEM’s specific NAME team, under the leadership of Salim Amzal, and by several international experts from Pôle Emploi: Marie-Christine Brouillet (Occitanie region) and Isabelle Bonnet (Normandy) for matters relating to NAME, and Cécile Millet-Dheu (Ile-de-France) and Valérie Sebalj (Centre-Loire Valley region) for matters relating to communication. 


The initial work on creating a national reference base began at the end of 2009 with various Algerian trade experts involved across the whole territory as well as two experts from Pôle Emploi. The teams worked on adapting the French ROME V3 to the realities of the employment situation in Algeria. 422 job/trade descriptions were then integrated into the ANEM information system to allow the counsellors to match supply and demand. The last phase of this project, registered under the PROFAS C+ project financed by the French Embassy, was dedicated to promoting and communicating, internally and externally, the NAME reference base.


A dedicated site and a hard copy


Several measures were taken to increase the status and level of exposure of this reference base among all the users, i.e. counsellors and job-seekers, as well as recruiters and labour markets players.


Internally, a event was run for ANEM counsellors to help them get to grips with the reference base. They also have access to an information area and a MOOC to deepen their knowledge of the NAME. The Algerian and French experts also developed an update circuit for the reference base and worked to strengthen the services offered by the NAME office, which will be responsible for further developing this new tool from now on.


The creation of a hard copy of the reference base and the setup of a website dedicated to the NAME ( represent the two high points of this project, which has been praised by the Algerian press. This event confirms ANEM’s position as a major player in the Algerian labour market.



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