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Japanese PES visit WAPES

03 July 2017

On Wednesday 28th June, the Executive Secretariat of WAPES received a visit from the delegation of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare, our Japanese member.


Mr. Masayuki Ikuta, Director General of the Employment Security Bureau, led this group that had the mission of preparing the arrival of a new consultant, Mrs. Erika Horiba. The ministry will second Erika to WAPES from September 2017.


Mrs. Horiba was able to meet the actual team in Brussels and learn about the challenges of this collaboration with our organization. She will hold the position of consultant of the Asia-Pacific region.


Christine Malecka, our executive secretary ad interim, presented the overall functioning of the secretariat and Marie-Kristine Vanbockestal, General Administrator for Le Forem, explained the involvement of the Belgian PESs, which are represented by Synerjob, body she currently chairs.


This visit opens the way for closer cooperation between the Japanese PES and WAPES. We welcome Erika to our team.