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Mali: New Minister of Employment visits ANPE

28 September 2018
The new Minister of Employment visits the structures of his department: The Director General of the ANPE, Mr. Ibrahim Ag NOCK, seeks the assistance and political support of the authorities for the success of his mandate as Vice-President of WAPES and President of AASEP.

The new Minister of Youth, Employment and Citizen Construction, also in charge of vocational training, Mr. Amadou Koïta, government spokesperson, paid a courtesy visit to the technical structures under his department.


The minister and the accompanying delegation, were thus at the National Employment Agency (ANPE) this Wednesday, September 26, 2018 from 15:00 hours.


After a face-to-face interview with the Director General of ANPE, the Minister hosted an extended meeting for Agency staff in the Conference Room of the General Direction.


Two speeches were given during the ceremony. First, the Director General of the ANPE, Mr. Ibrahim Ag NOCK, on behalf of all the workers and on his own behalf, expressed his sincere thanks to the Minister and his delegation for the honor done to its structure. He then congratulated the Minister for the double confidence that the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister have placed on him, through this appointment to the highly strategic position of Minister in charge of Youth, Employment and Citizen Construction and especially of Government spokesman.


Mr. Ibrahim Ag NOCK also took the opportunity to recall the historic role of the ANPE as the first public employment service in Mali whose creation dates back to 1956 under the name of the Sudanese Office of Labor (OST) long before the independence of the country. The structure subsequently followed several structural and organizational changes to become in 2001 the National Employment Agency (ANPE) whose main mission is to contribute to the implementation of the National Employment Policy adopted by the Government in 1998.


It is precisely in this context that, at the end of the first half of the current year, the Agency is at a 74% implementation rate of its Annual Work Plan (PTA 2018).


Also, without falling into complacency, the Director General of the ANPE remains convinced of the important challenges that the ANPE and the other technical structures must face for the effective fulfillment of their mission of promotion of employment, of fight against unemployment and poverty reduction especially for young people, vulnerable groups such as women and people with disabilities.


In addition, the Director General of the ANPE informed the Minister of the election of Mali, through the ANPE, to the Vice-Presidency of the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES) and the Presidency of the African Association of Public Employment Services (AASEP) during the General Assembly of the Association held last April in Marrakech, Morocco.


To carry out this mission which honors the whole of Mali beyond the ANPE and his own person, Mr. Ibrahim Ag NOCK asked for the political support and assistance of the Minister and the Government.

In his response, the Minister Amadou Koïta, in turn, thanked the Director General of the ANPE and all its staff for the warm welcome given to him and his delegation. He therefore congratulated the Agency for the highly important role it plays in the implementation of the national employment policy, in particular through its life-saving and innovative actions for young people and vulnerable groups, including women and people with disabilities.


The Minister reminded that youth and the promotion of employment are priority areas of government action in accordance with the guidelines and firm instructions of the President of the Republic during his second term. Also, he asked for the total commitment and the flawless support of the technical structures of his department, in particular the ANPE, in order to translate these engagements of the President of the Republic, his Excellency Ibrahim Boubacar KEITA, in concrete and convincing actions, at the beginning of this second five-year term.


The ceremony ended in a good atmosphere with a handshake and a family photo between the Minister and workers of the ANPE. All that bodes for a better tomorrow in the field of employment promotion and the effective fight against unemployment and underemployment in Mali.


Source : Sidibé Bréhima N.