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MALI: News from ANPE

03 May 2018

35th session of the Board of ANPE Mali: Satisfied Directors for the performance of the Agency and the election of the Director General at WAPES / AASEP.


The National Employment Agency (ANPE) Mali held the 35th Regular Session of its Board of Directors on Wednesday, April 25th. It was chaired by Mr. Mamadou Sinsy Coulibaly, President of the Board of Directors of the Agency. It was concluded that the ANPE has implemented its Annual Work Plan (AWP) 2017 at 88.2%. A performance applauded by the directors.

During this session, administrators gave an overview of the activities that were held throughout 2017. 

According to the Director General of ANPE, Mr. Ibrahim Ag NOCK, in order to promote employment and thus to contribute to the achievement of goals set by the Government in the fight against unemployment, underemployment and poverty, the Agency has supported more than 100 small and medium size enterprises (SME/SMI). This has resulted in the creation of 2800 direct jobs and thousands other indirect jobs.  

Regarding investments made by the Agency's bodies, despite the post-crisis situation -still affecting the country's economy in certain regions- ANPE has contributed to the insertion of more than 2700 jobseekers into the workforce, out of 8000 job applications approximately and 5000 registered job offers. This is an achievement rate of 51% against 49% in 2016. 

This shows a slight improvement over the previous year, even if the results still fall short of market needs, acknowledged the Director General. Over the same period, according to the Director General, the Agency has regularized 3900 recruitments made by companies in the labour market. 

These various actions are perfectly in line with the objectives set by the Agency in its 2016-2020 Strategic Development Plan (SDP) aimed at making an effective public employment service out of the agency adapted to the labour market needs by the year 2020.

It is therefore on the basis of these encouraging results that the directors approved the 2017 activity report and gave their discharge to the General Management in order to continue the ongoing efforts in the fulfilment of its mission to contribute effectively to the implementation of the national employment policy, particularly through the reconciliation of supply and demand for employment; promotion of self-employment; upgrade and retraining of active workers; support to companies in their quest for adequate human resources; enhancement of jobseekers’ employability and the reintegration of returning migrants, among others. 

The Statutory Auditors also gave their discharge by certifying the accounts of the Agency for the financial year that ended on December 31st, 2016. 

This discipline in the management of the Agency and the respect and loyalty to the guidelines issued by the Board of Directors have surely earned the ANPE to obtain such results to the satisfaction of the members of its decision-making body.

In addition, the Board of Directors also took this opportunity to congratulate the Director General of the Agency, Mr. Ibrahim Ag NOCK, on the election of Mali as Vice-President of Africa Region of the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES) and the presidency of the African Association of Public Employment Services (AASEP) at the ordinary general assembly held in Marrakech (Morocco) on 17 and 18 April 2018. The directors encouraged him while assuring him of the full support of the Board for the success in the mission entrusted to him by his peers in Africa and the world and who, beyond ANPE, have honoured all Mali. 

It should be noted that ANPE’s Board of Directors is chaired alternatively by the National Council of Employers of Mali (CNPM) and the National Workers’ Union of Mali (UNTM), for a renewable mandate of 3 years. 

The current President of ANPE’s Board is at the same time the president of the organization that brings together all the employers in Mali.

Source: DCM/ANPE