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The Manual on labor migration management in Mali is now available

14 October 2019


This Manual informs and instructs better the partner and the client user on topics such as: the issues of labor migration; ANPE's experience in the management of professional mobility (placement abroad, support for returnees, etc.), a clear description of placement procedures abroad, educational guidance for potential migrants.


The Manual also serves as a support for negotiation in this area. It defines the legal, normative and regulatory frameworks of labor migration (at national, continental and international level). It also provides more information regarding the institutional and operational framework of labor migration management, the institutions and partners in Mali which are involved in the management as well as the service offer of ANPE in terms of labor migration, services to candidates for labor migration, among other things.


Like all ANPE's services, the Manual is free.


For additional information, the doors of the ANPE are open to you. ANPE is an effective tool for promoting employment through services tailored to the requirements of the labor market.


For all those who are interested in this important information tool on professional mobility in Mali and abroad, please contact the Migration Cooperation Department (DCM, ou at the ANPE General Directorate in Bamako or the Regional Offices within the country.

Bréhima SIDIBE, ANPE Mali