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Mobility: Agreement ANAPEC - VDAB

15 April 2019
Projet pilote européen liant le développement des TIC au Maroc aux métiers en pénurie en Flandre

PALIM - European pilot project linking Moroccan ICT development and
labour shortages in Flanders

Brussels, 1 March 2019 | The European Union, the International Centre for Migration Policy
Development (ICMPD) and the Belgian development agency Enabel test an innovative labour migration
model linking Morocco’s growing ICT sector with Flanders’ qualified ICT workers shortages. This Global
Skills Partnership model is based on the assumption that labour mobility can only benefit the parties
when potential employees are able to find a qualified job both in their country of origin and in the
country of destination.


The ‘Pilot Project Addressing Labour Shortages Through Innovative Labour Migration Models’ (PALIM)
runs from 1 March 2019 to 31 August 2020. It is implemented by the Belgian development agency
Enabel, in partnership with the Flemish and Moroccan employment services (VDAB and ANAPEC),
Flemish employers federations VOKA and Agoria and their Moroccan counterparts CGEM and APEBI, as
well as Fedasil and the Flemish Agency for Integration.


In view of boosting their employment potential, sixty Moroccan graduates will be offered further
training in Morocco. Approximately half of them will be subsequently coached to find employment in
Morocco, whereas the other half will be coached to find employment in Flanders. The first Moroccan
graduates are scheduled to arrive in Flanders in September 2019.


The Moroccan employment agency ANAPEC will also be accompanied to improve service delivery in
Morocco, where an estimated 30 000 IT professionals are needed by 2020 and training is not sufficiently
aligned with labour market needs.


The world is changing and cross-border solutions help to match workforce demand with resources. This
new project will contribute to our reflection on the relations between development and migrations,
whilst both Morocco and Belgium benefit from the initiative, declares Jean Van Wetter, Managing
director of Enabel.


The project’s budget amounts to 1.5 million euros. It is implemented by Enabel with European Union
funding. This innovative initiative is one of the regular migration pilot projects financed via the Mobility
Partnership Facility, which is managed by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development
(ICMPD). This model, which brings together a broad range of actors, can later be duplicated in other
labour market segments and in other countries.


Grégoire Douxchamps, PALIM project manager
Enabel, Belgian development agency -