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Morocco: Social media as a powerful channel for delivering benefits to job seekers: ANAPEC's experience

07 April 2017


With more than 1.87 billion people using Facebook every month in an active way, the opening on this channel, in addition to other social media, is now essential. Furthermore, most of these users are in an age group made of young job seekers that PES always strives to target effectively.


A social network is any web platform that connects individuals to form communities. Since November 2013, ANAPEC has chosen to be present on social networks with the creation as well as graphic and editorial personalization of several social spaces: a Facebook page (the channel that has experienced the most presence of ANAPEC and the realization of more exchanges), a Twitter account, Viadeo, LinkedIn and Google+ pages.


This strategy enables to exchange in a targeted, effective and daily way with the different types of clients: job seekers, project promoters, employers, institutional and press.


Through a weekly publication schedule, ANAPEC publishes job offers, tips, information about the implemented programmes, events, news, etc.




Facebook, always essential:



As the most widely used social network in Morocco, ANAPEC has chosen to invest in an official Facebook page that has been awarded the label of a Verified page. The page allows a direct exchange with job seekers; in 2016, the page could satisfy more than 14,770 different queries and questions. The management of these important questions flows is made possible with a team organization which guarantees in the majority of cases the delivery of a personalized response within a maximum delay of 4 hours.


Beyond the interactive advantage of Facebook, the platform is ideal for promotion in a targeted way, through sponsoring publications, bulk or difficult job offers and ongoing training programs. The return on investment is so positive in comparison with other channels of information dissemination, something that has been demonstrated several times during communication campaigns launched on Facebook.



The official ANAPEC Facebook page won the “e-mtiaz” that is the National e-government prize for the e-participation category on 21 December 2016 at a ceremony held in its 10th edition in Rabat. This award comes for Content Sharing Sites: As part of social media, content sharing sites allow users to share multimedia content (images, videos, documents, etc.) with a large users’ community. ANAPEC is present today on YouTube, the world's first site for video sharing, and SlideShare, one of the best platforms for sharing slides and documents.



The ANAPEC YouTube Channel now has 122 videos divided between educational films, advisory clips, events, ANAPEC reports and employment, in addition to the reality TV show Kan Kalab Aala Khadma. For SlideShare, it is used for the communication media’s sharing, including CV flyers and cover letters, and job slide zoom slides.




In 2014, ANAPEC produced 19 advisory clips lasting 2 minutes dealing with several topics such as job interview, CV, job search, professional goal, etc. These clips were broadcast on the television, the portal, and the facebook page, and were viewed 63,946 times on ANAPEC's Youtube channel.


And the negative effects?


Many institutions, businesses and organizations are afraid of a presence on social media for fear of having negative reactions, or even Internet users’ injurious. For PES, the risk is even more pronounced since their target, which is primarily job seekers, can only be satisfied if they find an employment, which increases the risk of negative reactions.


Nevertheless, in our experience, negative interactions with Internet users on social networks are only a very manageable percentage and generally involve preconceived notions about the functioning and missions of ANAPEC and the search for employment in general.


To minimize the risk, you must have a team dedicated to animate and moderate your presence on social media, either internally or attached to a digital agency that accompanies you.




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