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ONAPE begins self-evaluation of its programmes

23 January 2020

ONAPE begins self-evaluation of its programmes


Divisions and bureau heads are attending a self-evaluation workshop to appraise two programmes launched by ONAPE. The launch event was held on Wednesday 22 January 2020 in N’Djamena.


Self-employment and agricultural credit are the two programmes being discussed at this workshop. ONAPE Director General Sadick Brahim Dicko explained how these two WAPES programmes, launched in 2010 and 2012 as part of implementing the government’s employment policy, address the challenges faced every day by young people and the rural population in obtaining funding for their activities.


In his presentation, the ONAPE Director General stressed how these programmes had had a major positive impact on young people in Chad in terms of job creation.


According to Sadick Brahim Dicko, the goal was to “make this workshop a permanent fixture” because it would help the credit committee analyse its own programme management practices. Specifically, the workshop is aimed at:


  • analysing quantitative and qualitative data on credit earmarked for the two schemes;
  • assessing the overall impact of each programme on the target groups;
  • identifying profitable micro-projects;
  • analysing repayments by type of micro-enterprise receiving micro-credit;
  • assessing the micro-enterprises set up by the project developers;
  • analysing trends in the allocated resources and applicants’ stated needs;
  • verifying the programmes’ compliance with the procedures manual;
  • and analysing the relationships with partners in the field.

Over three days, agency and bureau heads, together with divisions, will appraise their own achievements and draw up a roadmap to identify any challenges.


For the National Employment Office Directorate the Head of the Career Guidance and Occupational Integration Service 

Abouna Abdelaziz