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ONEM: Graduate Employment Program

14 October 2019

The DEP (Graduate Employment Program) is one of the programs of the National Office of Employment - ONEM, which aims to improve the skills of young university graduates for a period of six (6) months through a work placement with the hope that the most successful get to sign an employment contract.


This program is part of the implementation of the Support for Private Sector Development and Employment Creation Project (PADSP-CE), a project of the Congolese government supported by the African Development Bank (AfDB). During the internship period learners receive a grant of $ 100 USD per month allocated by the African Development Bank in support of the Congolese government.


This initial experiment of the program in the Democratic Republic of Congo concerns 10,000 young graduates with no experience for 4 years, from 2016 to 2019: 2,500 young people per year, meaning 1,250 per semester.


This, in the pilot provinces of KINSHASA, BAS-CONGO and KATANGA.


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