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ONEM: Offering employment to refugees in DRC; the UN High Commissioner for Refugees establishes a partnership with ONEM!

06 January 2020

ONEM: Offering employment to refugees in DRC; 




The UN High Commissioner for Refugees establishes a partnership with ONEM!


The ceremony for the delivery of the registration materials was held this Tuesday, December 10, 2019, in the facilities of the Graduate Employment Program (PED for its acronym in French), head office of the Public Employment Service of DCR, located on avenue du Haut Command in Kinshasa - Gombe.


In front of the executives and agents of this institution, the representative of the UNHCR hand-delivered to Madam Director-General, the materials for the registration of refugees: two laptops, three webcams, two printers and three uninterrupted power suppliers.


For Mrs. Jacquie from the UNHCR, this symbolic gesture has just sealed the partnership between her institution and ONEM, with the aim of facilitating sustainable integration into employment for refugees living in DRC, she said.


Madam Director-General Angélique KIKUDI, affirms that this result is the fruit of a long process started by her institution several years ago. These materials will allow refugees to be registered in the ONEM database, with a view to offering them the opportunity to find a job. She goes on to say that they will benefit from a work placement in order to test their capacity, and this to have an on-the-job immersion in the field of the required skills.


As a reminder, the acquisition of this batch of materials reinforces the semi-biometric registration operation for job seekers in DRC that the National Employment Office had started recently.


Hugues Bwen’e