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Our members of Korea and Peru continue their cooperation

01 September 2015

Mr Sung Goo Lee and Mr. Sang Hyon Lee, both renowned experts, shared their valauble experiences of the world of work in South Korea. The conference about the “Korea Job World”, hosted by the “Ministerio de Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo (MTPE)”, took place on the 27th of August in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) and was run by two South Korean experts.

The Director for Vocational and Career Development of the Korea Job World, Sung Goo Lee, exposed on the portfolio of Job World. Sang Hyon Lee, research fellow from the Korean Employment Information Service (KEIS), detailed about tools of performance evaluation and monitoring in public employment services.

The Peruvian Minister for Labour and Employment, Daniel Maruate Romero, emphasized that this conference is part of a capacity building initiative between Korea and Peru. It was also visited by the South Korean Ambassador to Peru, Keun Ho Jang. Maurate Romero stated that the capacity building puts the civil servants of his Ministry in a position to get information on planning, design, implementation, operational details, maintenance and transfer of the Vocational Learning Centre for children and adolescents that the Korea,n Job World represents.

This successful experience was delivered within the Project “Peru World of Work”, which consists of learning modules for design, contextualization, equipment, operational details, maintenance and evaluation for a specialized and interactive centre for vocational and profesional guidance and labour market information targeted at children and young people.

The Minister outlines that the mentioned assesment also includes learning about tools for evaluation and monitoring of public employment services. Like this, the civil servants of the Peruvian Ministry learned about monitoring and evaluation and how to implement it in their own daily work.