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Perù: Ministry of Labour trained 160 entrepreneurs in eight regions for self-employment

16 January 2018

Seed money was provided to the 40 best business plans 

Jesús María, 9 January 2018.- The Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion (MTPE), provided training and technical support through the program Impulsa Perú for self-employment to 160 entrepreneurs in the regions of Ucayali, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Junín, Huánuco y Tumbes.

Training consisted in the reinforcement of social skills and personal development, assistance in the generation of business model and preparation of improvement schemes.

In Ucayali training was provided to entrepreneur women dedicated to cocoa products; in La Libertad to small footwear manufacturers; in Lambayeque to gastronomic beneficiaries; and in Cajamarca to dairy entrepreneurs.

Also, in Ayacucho, people from the garment and embroidery sector received training, and so did handicrafts in Junín, sportswear designers in Huánuco, and artisan fishermen and fish sellers in Tumbes.

As part of this process, the program Impulsa Perú provided seed money of one thousand soles in materials to the 40 best business plans for their implementation.

The program Impulsa Perú promotes employment, improves job skills and increases the employability levels of the people of the country, through training services for job placement, certification of job skills and entrepreneurship training. For more information see