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Peru: MTPE and the European Union seek to consolidate measures and plans to promote youth employment in companies

05 April 2019

MTPE and the European Union seek to consolidate measures and plans to promote youth employment in companies


The Minister of Labor and Promotion of Employment, Sylvia Cáceres Pizarro, said during the opening of the seminar under the title "More young people in companies: integrate work and training as a way to enhance youth employability and productivity of companies", that our country will be actively involved in the development of proposals that allow our next National Competitiveness and Productivity Plan to have a priority component in human capital that can be feasible and increasingly integrated between the company and the demand for jobs by our society.


"Our societies require public policy responses, as well as measures and plans aimed at promoting the professional insertion of youth. From this seminar we will know those experiences that will allow us to contrast the efforts being made in the region towards jobs and quality training according to the labour demand of companies and to the productivity and competitiveness growth objectives", she said.


She stressed that it is necessary to conceptualize the presentations of this seminar as it would not be possible to conceive the usefulness of such an important discussion on youth employability and new forms of professional insertion, without recognizing the problems that affect the countries of the region.


Minister Cáceres Pizarro also mentioned that her sector has already started -with the education sector- how it is possible to build a dual training model in which the alternation between training in the classroom and the training component from the company comes as a success factor in several productive skills as it is in the manufacturing and mining industry.


On the other hand, during her participation in the event co-organized with the EUROsocial program of the European Union, the Minister of Labor regretted what happened in the former bus terminal of Fiori, which left 17 people dead and said that the accident has the common denominator of informality. "In Peru, the rate of labour informality reaches 64%, and when we talk about micro and small enterprises, informality amounts to 89%, according to the National Household Survey - ENAHO. This not only condemns the invisibility of workers who provide services in these economic units, but also shows a lack of protection of their rights."


The highest authority of the MTPE informed that the pertinent authorities will carry out an investigation on this case, and that those responsible should be punished. "This will not bring victims back to life, so this tragedy should challenge us all to prevent this from happening again."


She reaffirmed that the function of SUNAFIL is to promote, supervise and monitor compliance with the socio-labor legal system as well as health and safety at work. "Our priorities this year 2019 are to promote labor formalization, enhance employability and maintain stable labor relations, reducing conflicts and contributing to labor peace and business development."


The event counted with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Labor, Ana María Risi, the Deputy Minister of Employment Promotion, Javier Palacios, the ambassador of the European Union in Peru, Diego Mellado and the Director of EUROsocial+, Juan Manuel Santomé.