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Regional Labour Market Monitoring Network

13 September 2018

Regional Labour Market Monitoring Network


The European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (RLMM) was founded in 2006 in Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany).


It seeds to develop further and diffuse the concepts and instruments used in regional labour market monitoring and to diffuse common methods for the study, research and analysis of this issue. In doing so, it brings together scientific expertise as well as experiences of practitioners at regional level. It also provides the framework to support networking between regional and local labour market observatories across Europe.


The network publishes an annual anthology on an individual topic. These publications cover current developments and state of the art. They present best practice examples from different regions and localities but also discuss challenges and perspectives.


This year they organized, on 10th and 11th September, the annual meeting in Exeter (England) around “Developing skills in a changing world of work: Concepts, measurement and data applied in regional and local labour market monitoring across Europe”.


Experts from Universities, Observatories, Public Employment Services and International Organizations were there to present results of studies and actions but also share experiences.


We will share all the presentations with you as soon as they are available.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information.