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19 March 2019





SOCIEUX+ shares best practices, experiences, and knowledge on socialprotection, labour and employment.  Are you an institution looking for SOCIEUX+ support?


SOCIEUX+ receives requests from public authorities, mandated bodies and social partners at national, regional and local level. International organisations can also support Partner Institutions in requesting technical assistance from SOCIEUX+. 


The following public and semi-public sector bodies are eligible: central governments, ministries, legislative councils; regional governments; mandated bodies; and, other institutions responsible for the implementation or provision of social protection, labour and employment issues. 


SOCIEUX+ can also cooperate with social partners engaged in social dialogue which influences political and development agendas. This could include trade unions, employer and worker organisations and associations, umbrella organisations, and others. These stakeholders should also be involved in actions that benefit other partner institutions, to ensure the completion and sustainability of SOCIEUX+ actions.


Actions can be implemented in the 138 partner countries (see full list here) covered by the EU development and cooperation instruments in European Neighborhood, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. 


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