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Strategic plan of modernization and development of ANETI – Tunisia

18 March 2021

Within the framework of the operational implementation of two major national initiatives developed within the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Professional Integration, namely the National Employment Strategy and the National Entrepreneurship Strategy, whose ambition is to propose an integrated, multidimensional and transversal approach, covering all the levers likely to create jobs in sufficient quantity and quality and bringing together all the stakeholders concerned by employment, ANETI supports these two major initiatives by launching a modernisation and development process based on a 10-year strategic plan with ambitious objectives to convert the Tunisian Agency into a model Agency on several levels , in particular in terms of training programmes, coaching and support for businesses and job seekers.



This strategic plan, whose main objective is to better respond to the national and international labour market's new challenges, is structured around two important pillars: an " entrepreneurial model space " and a " employment model office " dedicated to any applicant submitting important and innovative concepts.



This objective can only be reached through a transversal approach based on four strategic guidelines, namely:


  • A connected agency
  • A high-performance agency
  • A renowned agency
  • An agency enriched by its workforce applying their expertise through the implementation of a system of "Knowledge management", supported by a highly dedicated structure "the ANETI Academy".


The Agency has taken up the challenge of rebranding itself, adopting from now on a more qualitative approach, by becoming a high-performance Agency practically always accessible to the public, as well as hyper-connected.



The Agency's digitalisation is directly impacting on work efficiency by enabling it to significantly reduce administrative procedures and fight against bureaucracy which hampers the efficiency of its services and to better focus on its core business. Complete digitalisation is planned for early 2022, including an integrated matching system currently being developed, a digital Lab bringing together all the initiatives linked to the Entrepreneurship Spaces operating in the country's 24 governorates, an international ANETI website to meet the increased demands of Tunisian citizens wishing to open up to the world, so that they can contact companies in several partner countries for possible recruitment and finally the creation and implementation of a virtual office to consolidate ANETI's environmental outreach and to monitor integration initiatives. The digitalisation of ANETI's services and programmes is in line with the changing and developing needs of jobseekers and companies. It is, indeed, easier, and quicker to access the services using the website or the smartphone. Supported by numerous partners and donors who already committed themselves to support this digital transformation, ANETI has developed a three-year programme with a whole process of complete digital technology integration. This programme focuses on the implementation of an information system, on dematerialisation, on business intelligence and on the e-agency concept.


In this respect, ANETI would like to share its initiative with foreign counterparts and is organising a webinar on the theme "Challenges for PES in times of accelerating digital transformation" on the 25th of March 2021 (13:00 GMT).


The event will be attended by representatives of foreign PES as well as national and international partners and will be an opportunity to share experiences and exchange international good practices and innovations in this field.



The conference will be interactive, participants will have the possibility to intervene to:


  • Give their opinions on the different points raised,
  • Debate and argue on their points of view,
  • Propose suggestions,
  •  Share their experiences



Coopération Internationale ANETI