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17 June 2019



Regional co-operation of public employment services, in the areas of labour market reform and social policy, should be strengthened and intensive. In this sense, it is necessary to align with innovative trends, constantly monitor the needs of the labour market, improve digital services and databases and facilitate administrative procedures. It was assessed by the Director of the Employment Agency of Montenegro, Sulio Mustafic at the European meeting of the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES), which was held in Stockholm, Sweden.


-When the business challenges and problems in the work market, we all have a common denominator. The Agency, as an institution that continuously develops and adapts to modern flows of life and work, seeks to provide the customers in the work market with a quality service in order to satisfy their needs. In this sense, membership in WAPES and exchange of experiences with colleagues from the world of employment and work is essential for fulfilling the Institute's mission.  It is a space for strengthening co-operation and overcoming common problems with respect to the specifics of the labour market, each of us individually – said Mustafic.


The annual meeting of WAPES members, as he said, was an opportunity to present the news of members of the European region.


-As a central institution in the labour market that combines the complete offer and demand, the Agency implements the policy of the Government and the Ministry of Labour and Social welfare in the field of active employment policy. Our mission is a successful mediation in the labour market and services are free and public. Given that Montenegro, and thus the Employment Agency, prepares for membership in the European Union, co-operation with countries from the environment and EU Member States is very important-said Director Mustafic.


On that occasion, he reminded that Montenegro's labour market is characterized by numerous specificities.


-The most important feature of the labour market is the structural discrepancy. This means that there are some occupations that there is no demand. On the other hand, there are no occupations for which the demand is expressed. There is also a quality deficit, regional discrepancy and a significant employment of foreigners. We harmonize all activities with the law on employment mediation and rights during the time of unemployment – the Director of EAM said.


Later in this event, the experience of the internal self-assessment method was heard, which should be developed and perfected. As assessed, for better results, it would be good to organise study visits to European Union countries that have arranged these areas.


-The self-assessment system was a major novelty for us at the Institute. Yet it proved to be an excellent tool for developing self-awareness but also realistic recognition of strength and weakness in the Agency. We therefore think that such and similar projects should be developed and implemented more – the Director Mustafic noted.


In other news, the Employment Agency of Montenegro is a member of the World Association of Public Services for employment of 2006. This prestigious association, the only one in the world of this kind, numbers about 100 members of the public employment services from the entire world that act in the five regions. In order to exchange experiences and knowledge, as is the association of members, WAPES maintains the regular annual regional meetings, regional and interregional conferences and workshops in accordance with its strategy, annual work programs and the needs of members expressed based on the movement of the work markets in the five regions of the association.


Danka Rabrenović
Employment Agency of Montenegro