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Strengthened partnership between Quebec and the Forem

05 February 2020

On Monday, December 2, following the Journées Québec event held in Paris, the Forem and the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Frenchisation and Integration  sign an agreement relating to the recruitment of Walloon workers by Quebec companies. This agreement will allow Walloon job seekers to have access to more employment opportunities in Quebec.


Labor shortage in Quebec is such that companies are experiencing real difficulties in hiring new talent. To overcome this situation, the Quebec government is collaborating with many countries, including Belgium and of course Wallonia for its French-speaking public. For a few years now, the Forem has been informing Walloon job seekers about employment opportunities in Quebec, in particular through information sessions preceding Journées Québec and supports them in their job search and immigration procedures overseas. During Journées Québec in Europe, which takes place twice a year in spring and winter, Quebec employers come to meet potential employees, like this weekend in Paris.


The agreement signed aims to strengthen collaboration between the Forem and Quebec. In the future, Quebec employers will be able to advertise their jobs more widely and more easily on the Forem website and, in this way, they hope to recruit more new talent from Wallonia. During the first three quarters of 2019, 404,144 job offers were published on the Forem website. Among them, 5,892 concerned posts abroad. Thanks to this agreement, these figures should normally increase significantly.


The Ministry of Immigration, Frenchisation and Integration of Quebec (MIFI) will provide the Forem with a single point of contact. This will allow the two administrations to exchange information, in particular regarding specific situations relating to requests from Quebec employers. In addition, recruited candidates will also have access to this single point of contact. They will be able to benefit from the services of integration support worker from the MIFI and will thus be offered information and a tailored support course which will guide them through certain procedures (administrative procedures, social security, diploma equivalence, information on Quebec regions, etc.).


In addition to posting Quebec employment opportunities on its website, the Forem agrees, through this agreement, to continue its mission of informing job seekers about the opportunities and living and working conditions in Quebec, in particular through the organization of specific information sessions and CV workshops in "Quebecois" format. It will offer more support, if necessary, to the organization of events or activities such as recruitment missions, screening, remote interviews ... Through these actions, the Forem will expand employment opportunities abroad for Walloon job seekers. 


Employment opportunities in Quebec receive great attention from Walloon job seekers 


In December, was the 21st Journées Québec in Paris. Many Quebec companies facing labour needs went to meet potential candidates, with nearly 700 employment opportunities to offer. In October, three information sessions organized jointly by the Forem International Mobility Service and the Quebec Immigration Office prepared job seekers for this unmissable event. More than 130 people went to Verviers, Gosselies and Nivelles to receive information on Quebec, on the administrative procedures relating to immigration as well as on the sectors in demand.


Each year, between 200 and 300 Belgians choose to go to work in Quebec. More than 10,000 of our compatriots currently live and work there.



Thierry Ney

Directeur Communication corporate et Porte-parole