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VDAB (Belgium) offers 100 microcomputers to ANPE (Mali)

15 May 2018
ANPE’s DG, Ibrahim Ag NOCK with his counterparts of VDAB (Belgium) and ANPEJ (Senegal) in Marrakesh for the 11th WAPES World Congress.

North-South Cooperation serving employment promotion: VDAB (Belgium) offers 100 microcomputers to ANPE


Solidarity between Public Employment Services (PES) is no longer an empty word. Indeed, the public employment service of Belgium, VDAB, has kindly offered to the National Agency for Employment (ANPE) a hundred computers, although second hand, but still in very good condition to meet certain user clients’ needs, specially jobseekers.


Although the donation took place during the last quarter of 2017, the General Management of ANPE took advantage of the 11th WAPES World Congress held on April 19th and 20th in Marrakech (Morocco) to organize a modest ceremony of thanks to the Director General of the VDAB at the time of the donation, Mr Fons LEROY. It was in the presence of the Director General of the National Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment (ANPEJ) of Senegal and Vice President for West Africa of AASEP, Mr. Amadou Lamine DIENG and members of the ANPE delegation in Marrakech.


For the Director General of the ANPE and President of the African Association of Public Employment Services (AASEP), Mr. Ibrahim Ag NOCK, the gesture of the VDAB vis-à-vis his agency is the eloquent manifestation of the spirit of solidarity which characterizes the relations between PES members of WAPES family and fits perfectly in line with the reinforcement of the North-South cooperation with a view to reinforce the capacities of the PES of the South, in particular the African PES.


Indeed, according to the Director General of the ANPE, the hundred or so microcomputers offered by the VDAB were used judiciously because they were distributed among certain operational structures of the Agency, in particular the Regional Directorates, to equip or improve the capacity of Computer Rooms aiming to improve the employability of job seekers and other partner users of ANPE in the regions and the District of Bamako.


As for Mr. Fons LEROY, Director General of the VDAB, he reaffirmed the availability of his country and Belgian PES to always accompany their counterparts in Africa and elsewhere to the extent of their means to help them be more efficient and effective in fulfilling their mission as Public Employment Services.


The Director General of ANPEJ (Senegal) joined his counterpart from Mali to thank the VDAB for this act and to congratulate himself for such an example of cooperation between PES of the North and the South and which substantially reinforces their operational capabilities. He also expressed the interest of his structure for such initiatives in the future. 


Finally, the Director General of the ANPE gave his Belgian counterpart a traditional fabric "bogolan" made by Malian artisans. A symbolic gesture highly appreciated by the person concerned.


The other two (2) also expressed their common willingness to always work more to strengthen cooperation and solidarity between public structures in charge of employment and skills development around the world.


It should be remembered that one of the major axes of WAPES 'actions, in particular through its Long Term Strategy (LTS), is to further boost cooperation between PES members and a much stronger solidarity between the North and the South. Thus, the present donation was possible thanks to the effective involvement of the WAPES Executive Secretariat, notably through the Senior Consultant Ms. Christine MALECKA and her team at that time.


An initiative that also meets the vision of the ANPE stipulated in its Strategic Development Plan (PSD) and which intends "to make the Agency a successful Public Employment Service by 2020 to effectively meet the demands of the labour market".    



Source : DCM/ANPE