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Video: WAPES communication network

16 July 2019


Last 15 and 16 May the first meeting of communication officers of the Public Employment Services (PES) of WAPES Managing Board members was held and it was hosted by the Lab of Pôle Emploi France in Paris.
The main objective of this meeting was to "build together effective communication to further promote WAPES" through the creation of a network of experts in the field.


They came from the five regions of WAPES to share knowledge, know-how and soft-skills of leading experts in the field.
During two days participants substantially improved their knowledge using new techniques and innovative methods of communication in a pedagogical manner and through practical exercises and presentations.
They also proposed to support the efforts of WAPES Communication Expert, Mr. Pierre-Alain Vandewalle on a voluntary basis through task forces organized around different activities so as to improve the visibility of WAPES throughout the world.


They intend to do so through concrete and well-targeted actions and activities in the short, medium and long term.
In the light of the results achieved after these two days of fruitful exchanges and successful sharing between organizers, facilitators and participants, the Vice-President of WAPES for the Europe Region, Mrs. Annie Gauvin from Pôle Emploi France, suggested that the activity is organized at least every two years (given the budgetary constraints).


This demonstrates how successful the Paris meeting was in terms of the quality of the exchanges and the production of results, to the satisfaction of the WAPES Executive Secretary, Mrs. Eve-Marie Mosseray.
The first results are expected in the next three months, i.e. by the meeting of the Managing Board scheduled for November 2019 in Washington DC (USA).



ANPE Mali -Vice-President of WAPES for the Africa Region, President of the African Association of Public Employment Services (AAPES) and a member of the Managing Board-, like many others country, was represented at the Paris meeting by the chief of communication (Chief CD) and the Head of the Co-operation and Migration Department (DCM). This shows that Mali is willing to fully contribute to this initiative of improving communication so WAPES has a better visibility and a broader reach.



Bréhima SIDIBE, Head of Cooperation and Migration Department, ANPE MALI