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WAPES / AASEP: Official handover between the elected President, Mr. Ibrahim Ag Nock of Mali and his predecessor, Mr. André NYANGA Elenga of Congo Brazzaville.

12 September 2018

WAPES / AASEP: Official handover between the elected President, Mr. Ibrahim Ag Nock of Mali and his predecessor, Mr. André NYANGA Elenga of Congo Brazzaville.


Yaoundé, 11 September 2018. The premises of the Centre Régional Africain d’Administration du Travail, CRADAT (African Regional Labor Administration Center), in the Cameroonian capital, served as a framework for a double ceremony under the effective chairmanship of the Cameroonian Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Mr. Zacharie Perevet. On the one hand, the official handover between the incoming and outgoing presidents of the AASEP and on the other hand the opening ceremony of the training of the Employment Counselors of the Public Employment Services (PES) of Francophone Africa whose theme this year is "la révolution digitale et le métier de Conseiller Emploi en Intermediation" (the digital revolution and the Employment counselor job in Intermediation).


During the ceremony several interventions were recorded, including the welcoming address of the Director General of CRADAT; of the President of Honour of WAPES, Mr. Camille Mouté à BIDIAS, Director General of the National Employment Fund (FNE) of Cameroon; the intervention of the outgoing President of the AASEP, Mr. NYANGA André Elenga, previously Director General of the National Office of Employment and Manpower (ONEMO) of Congo Brazzaville; the opening speech of the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training of Cameroon and finally the speech of the elected President of the AASEP, Vice-President of the African Region of WAPES and Director General of the National Employment Agency (ANPE) of Mali.


All speakers welcomed this double ceremony that demonstrated the importance of South-South cooperation, particularly between public employment services, whose main tasks are not only to fight unemployment through the promotion of employment, both paid and private but also to strengthen human resources in the labor market in order to bring jobseekers as close as possible to the real needs of businesses and other employers.


Moreover, they congratulated Mr. André NYANGA Elenga, who after 2 terms of office of 3 years (2012 - 2018) at the head of the African organization, rendered great services to all PES of the continent, through initiatives and actions like the training session for Employment Counselors.


As for his successor, Mr. Ibrahim Ag Nock from Mali, he was warmly congratulated by all for the confidence in his country, through him and the agency he leads. He received right after the assurance that everyone will support and encourage him to succeed in his new position in which the President of the ceremony, the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training of Cameroon, Mr. Zacharie Perevet settled him.


It should be recalled that this fourth training session is in line with the objectives of all PES. Indeed this theme is the result of a wide consultation of PES current needs in terms of capacity building and performance through the availability of quality human resources.

This is why various speakers took this opportunity to congratulate the attendance of 22 trainees from 11 member countries of French-speaking Africa to participate in this important meeting of exchanges and sharing on the topical theme of accelerated digitization of the market particularly that of employment.


They also recognized and praised the relevance of the choice made on the Employment Counselors in Intermediation, given that they are the first and main contact of PES users through the crucial role of linking or matching the supply and demand in the labor market.


A vibrant tribute was paid to the authorities and the people of Cameroon for their beneficial contribution to the unflagging effort of WAPES and its African component (AASEP) in the fight against unemployment and the improvement of skills and human resources of the continent. Another highlight of the ceremony was the awarding of the Ciwara trophy to the President of Honour of WAPES, Camille Mouté à BIDIAS, in recognition of his invaluable contribution to this daily battle, against which all PES of the world fight.


Lastly, to finish the presidents coming in and out of the AASEP signed the document of handover and transfer of all the attributes related to the function to the President. Mr. Ibrahim Ag Nock, Director General of the National Agency for Employment of Mali was elected on April 18 in Marrakech (Morocco) during of the General Assembly for the renewal of the bodies of WAPES.




Ibrahima SIDIBE, Vice-Presidence AMSEP Région Afrique/ Prsésidence AASEP/ ANPE MALI