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Webinars: Dutch PES (UWV) provides various online forms of service

22 April 2020

Since the corona crisis started to unfold Dutch PES (UWV) has put extra effort in providing jobseekers and employers with information on the latest labour market developments and the impact the corona crisis has on it. All while most PES employees work from home and UWV front offices, that would normally be open to the public, are closed. 


Especially for jobseekers various online forms of service, such as webinars, are of interest since they can be developed quickly, are interactive and can be adapted easily after feedback. 


Our webinars can be best described as an online, live-broadcasted, interactive meeting that jobseekers can participate in using their own personal computer, smartphone or tablet. One of the UWV webinar hosts, formally known as ‘webinar specialists’, presents the session. Jobseekers can ask questions during the sessions using a chatroom. Circa 5 other UWV webinar specialist assist the host in answering all questions asked in the chatroom during the live session. 


Although webinars were already part of the line-up of tools that UWV uses to provide service to jobseekers. The capacity and  frequency of  the webinars UWV offers have been increased to accommodate jobseekers during this time where ‘face-to-face’ service provision is not an option.   We are able to accommodate roughly 600 people in a live session at the same time. As our webinars are often fully booked due to the increased demand caused by the corona crisis we have published all recent webinars, on all topics that are offered, on our online archive page so they are available to review on demand by any client at any moment. For all clients who have any questions after watching one of the sessions on demand, a form of partaking that unfortunately eliminates the option to ask questions in real time, an e-mail address is available through which they can reach our team of webinar specialists and get an answer to all of their questions.


UWV sees a large increase of beneficiaries and many of them have questions about their unemployment benefits. Since we are currently not able to invite them to an introductory meeting at our local offices, which we would normally do, we introduced a new webinar structured after the information that would normally be handled in these group meetings. Due to the high number of new beneficiaries we have chosen to, at first, only offer this webinar as a pre-recorded session that is available on demand. PES counsellors actively refer job seekers to this webinar as an alternative for face-to-face meetings. The title of this webinar is “Unemployment benefits and PES”. In the webinar UWV answers the most commonly asked questions that job seekers have at the beginning of their period as a beneficiary.  All other online services that are available for jobseekers during the confinement period (and after) are introduced in the session as well.


Another example of a new webinar developed is “Are you ready for your online job interview?”. In this webinar our specialists handle all the do’s and don’ts on video job interviews which until recent where not very common in the Netherlands but took on during the corona crisis. In regular webinars UWV pays attention to the impact the corona crisis has on finding a job. We inform jobseekers on how they can deal with this new situation, give them tips on how to stay active on the labour market and inform them on new opportunities the crisis also brings.


UWV already had these webinars in place;

• Finding a job online

• Finding a job through LinkedIn (beginners)

• Getting better results from LinkedIn (experts)

• Are you ready for your job interview?

• Making a transition to a new occupation

• Mapping your skills and qualities

• How to use your network

• Making a job application letter in 5 steps

• The power of 50+ 

• Creating opportunities for yourself

• The first impression

• How to write a personal profile


Source: UWV