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Cambodia National Employment Agency

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The National Employment Agency (NEA) is a Public Employment Service Agency established by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) in 2009 as a Special Operating Agency to be under the jurisdiction of the National Training Board (NTB). Its main function are to provide “Employment Services and Labor Market Information” to job seekers, employees, employers, education and training providers, policy makers and planners, and the public in Cambodia.

In 2010, NEA has also been mandated by the RGC as “the Designated Statistical Unit” responsible for developing labour market information system in order to collect, analyze and disseminate labour market information in Cambodia.                

NEA delivers its services to users through two convenient options:

·     Online Service with URL: where job seekers, employers and training providers can:

-      Post CV, vacancies and training courses

-      Search for job and workforce

-      Scholarship and internship announcements

·     Job Centers function as the front office providing services directly to all service users. The services offered include:

-      Job-net service

-      Library service

-      Job seeker registration, job search assistance, matching and referral services

-      Vocational/ Employment/ Career counseling and guidance

-      Labour Market Information (local and national)

These two service options are publicly, indiscriminately, and free of charge. The job vacancies are provided on our website and at job centers, and collected from various reliable sources announced such as government institutions, public and private employers, local newspapers, and a number of major private job search sites.


NEA has also built a database of job seekers of all types and skills through various means of registration, from which employers can easily search for workforce of their need.


Abiding by international and national legal instruments on rights and non-discrimination, NEA also pays attention to job seekers who are classified as disadvantage groups by providing special assistance to their need.


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Address:                             National Employment Agency

Building 3, Russian Federation Blvd., Toek Laak I, Toul Kok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel.:                                     (855-23) 635 7177

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