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Documents and reports

Statutes and Internal and Financial Regulations

The Statutes and the Internal and Financial Regulations for WAPES define the structure, responsibilities and operations of the organisation.

The Statutes and the Internal and Financial Regulations are approved by the General Assembly. Among other things, they give a distinct role for the different bodies in WAPES and a regional anchoring of the WAPES activities.

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Governing Bodies

WAPES has 3 different governing bodies: General Assembly, Managing Board and Executive Committee

Strategies, plans and reports

WAPES has a three-year strategic action plan which sets the broad orientations for the future development of the association. The main areas concern the activities of WAPES, the website, WAPES' role in facilitating technical assistance, and the roles of the different WAPES bodies.

See below WAPES' present and previous strategies, plans and reports.

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Studies and surveys

See below the latest WAPES studies and surveys.

The WAPES/OECD-Report on Long-Term Unemployment 2012

The OECD study on how to combat long-term unemployment summarizes the findings of the common survey with WAPES in 2012, presents successful local approaches from all around the world in ending long-term unemployment and showcases innovative financing models. Read the report: "Tackling long-term unemployment amongst vulnerable groups" below.

WAPES members survey 2011

65 public employment services from all over the world participated in the WAPES survey 2011. They answered questions on their strategies, structure and service delivery. Read the detailed report below.