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Managing Board

Managing Board

The Managing Board consists of the President and 16 members elected by the General Assembly for a three-year period. Among other things, the Managing Board is responsible for ensuring effective administration of the organisation and for carrying out the decisions made by the General Assembly. It proposes a general plan for future activities, prepares management reports on activities that have taken place and prepare the General Assembly. The Managing Board meets at least once a year.



Managing Board members:

Argentina (Vice-President Americas)


Bosnia and Herzegovina (Auditor)


Congo Brazzaville (Vice-President Africa)


Dominican Republic

France (Vice-President Europe)





Morocco (Vice-President Middle East and the Arabic countries)


Senegal (Auditor)

South Korea (Vice President Asia and Pacific)


Switzerland (Treasurer) 


Managing Board meetings Documents


Managing Board meeting 2015

The Managing Board meeting in November 2015 was held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Minute of the Managing Board meeting-Sofia - November 2015

The Managing Board meeting in May 2015 was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Minutes Managing Board meeting-Istanbul before the GA - May 2015
Minutes Managing Board meeting-Istanbul after the GA - May 2015

Managing Board meeting 2014

The Managing Board meeting in November 2014 was held in Paris, France.

Minutes Managing Board meeting- Paris 2014

Managing Board meeting 2013

The Managing Board meeting in October 2013 was held in Marrakech, Morocco.

Minutes from the meeting.

Managing Board meeting 2012

The Managing Board meeting in October 2012 was held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.