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Structure of WAPES


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body and includes all members. The General Assembly is, among other things, responsible for approving the annual budget, the statutes and the general plans for future activities, electing the President, the members of the Managing Board and the Auditors. The General Assembly is held in May or June every year. Every three years the General Assembly is held in one of the member countries and the second two years WAPES arranges an E-General Assembly, a written procedure.


Here you will find information about the General Assembly.




Managing Board

The Managing Board consists of the President and 16 members elected by the General Assembly for a three-year period. Among other things, the Managing Board is responsible for ensuring effective administration of the organisation and for carrying out the decisions made by the General Assembly. It proposes a general plan for future activities, prepares management reports on activities that have taken place and prepare the General Assembly. The Managing Board meets at least once a year.


Here you will find information about which countries are represented in the Managing Board.


Here you will find information about the Managing Board meetings.




Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer. The Executive Committee is appointed by the Managing Board and oversees the activities of WAPES between the Managing Board meetings.


Here you will find information about the Executive Committee meetings.




Facts about WAPES

Here you will find some historical facts about our organisation.



Working for WAPES

Here you will find information about working for WAPES.