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The people of WAPES

The people of WAPES are over 1 million dedicated experts,  represented by WAPES members, almost 85 Public Employment Services in the five world regions. Our members, often represented by the Director General of the Public Employment Services, are the constitution of WAPES General Assembly.

The General Assembly elects the President, the members of the Managing Board and the Auditors. The executive bodies of WAPES you´ll find below.


The President 

The President is, among other things, responsible for proposing and initiating strategies for the development of the organisation and for ensuring an effective administration at the WAPES Secretariat.



Mr. Mehmet Ali OZKAN

Acting Director General of ISKUR


Born in 1967, Mr Mehmet Ali Özkan is the Acting Director General of Turkish Employment Agency. His major is on Public Administration whereas his masters degree is on Business Administration focusing on HR. Previously worked in Ministry of National Education as instructor and director; and in Vakıfbank as Financial Analyst; Mr Özkan has been high a level executive in İŞKUR since 2003.  He is maried with two children.



The Treasurer 

Mr Oliver Schärli, Switzerland


Oliver Schärli was born in Lucerne (Switzerland) in 1973. He studied Economic and Social History and graduated from the University of Zurich with a degree in Master of Arts while working part-time. He began his career in 2004 involved engaged in developing a professional curriculum for the healthcare field. He then taught history at a high school located in central Switzerland.


In 2007, he joined the service of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) in Bern. In his first position, he was responsible for training measures in the Labour Market and Unemployment Insurance Division, which is part of the Labour Directorate. In 2010, he was appointed Deputy Chief for Switzerland's economic relations with North American and Caribbean countries. At the same time, he completed his postgraduate studies MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In August 2012, he was promoted Deputy Chief of the Labour Market and Unemployment Insurance Division in the Labour Directorate. In 2014, he was nominated Head of the Division and is in charge of more than 200 collaborators.


Oliver Schärli is married and has three children including twins. He is living in the region of Lucerne and commutes by train to work. In his spare time he enjoys sports, mountain hiking more than all others. He has a passion for music.



The Vice-Presidents 

There is one Vice-President for each of WAPES' regions: Africa, America, Asia & Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Arabic Countries. The Vice-Presidents propose annual activity programs for the regions they represent and plan the execution of these programs. The Vice-Presidents are also WAPES ambassadors in their regions.

  • Africa Region, Mr. André Nyanga-Elenga (Director General, Office National de l’Emploi et de la Main d’œuvre, ONEMO), Republic of Congo.

  • America Region, MrMatias Barroetaveña (Secretary of Employment Ministry of Work and Social Security), Argentina.

  • Asia-Pacific Region, Mr. Kil Sang Yoo (President of the Korean Employment Information Service, Ministry of Employment and Labor), Republic of Korea.

  • Vice-Presidents Europe Region,  Mr. Jean Bassères (Director General, Pôle Emploi), France.

  • Vice-President Middle East and Arab countries Region (MEAC), Mr. Anass Doukkali  (Director General, Agence Nationale de Promotion de l'Emploi et des Compétences, ANAPEC), Morocco.


The Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary leads the Executive Secretariat and is responsible for the function of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat supports the organisation and assists the President and Vice-Presidents in the approved WAPES activities set up for the regions.

The Secretariat is staffed thanks to secondments from the Public Employments Services in Belgium (Actiris, Le Forem and VDAB), France (Pôle Emploi), Germany (BA) and Sweden (Arbetsförmedlingen).

Below we briefly present the staff members with their contact information and their assignments. Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


Phone : + 32 2 235 72 50



Ms Lenka Kint

Executive Secretary, responsible for the function of the Secretariat, the specific activities, the cooperation between the different regions and the cooperation with partners.

Lenka was elected by the Executive Committee in 2011. She is seconded to WAPES from VDAB, the Flemish Public Employment Service in Flanders (Belgium). Lenka´s built-in interest and knowledge for different cultures is an asset for the organisation and its activities.


Phone: + 32 2 235 72 55

Fax: + 32 2 235 72 59



Lenka was born in France and raised in Africa. At VDAB she worked with newcomers and for the interregional mobility, in collaboration with the Le Forem, the PES of the Walloon Region (Belgium).

Lenka graduated in Belgium. She speaks and writes French, Dutch, English and Russian.

Having an open mind, Lenka is aware of the problems of our world. She is however, not unaware that great achievements are often the result of the commitment of dedicated and competent staff. Lenka has four children, one son and three daughters.



Ms Christine Malecka-Vlérick

Consultant for the Middle East and Arab Countries and for the African Region.

Christine joined the WAPES team in 2012. She is seconded by Pôle Emploi, the French Public Employment Service.


Phone: + 32 2 235 72 52

Fax: + 32 2 235 72 59

E-mails from region Africa:


At Pôle Emploi Christine held the positions of Territory Manager in Paris and Marseille. She also worked for two years in General Management within the Public Employment Service designing jobseeker orientation and training policy. Prior to this, Christine had held various positions in industry and temporary employment, always in the HR area and also as a consultant on organisational strategy.

Christine has a DESS in Human Resources and a Master in Quality Management.

Christine´s interests include modern art and music and she is involved in a number of organisations promoting children´s education.


Ms Gizem Deniz Kayataş


Employment Expert in İŞKUR

Gizem is working from Ankara, Turkish PES Headquarter, joined in August 2016.

Phone: + 90 312 216 31 59 

Fax: + 90 312 425 84 51


Gizem studied economics at Hacettepe University, Ankara. Fallowing graduation, she has begun working as an employment expert in İŞKUR.  She first joined the Secretariat in December 2014 for supporting the preparations of the 10th WAPES World Congress in İstanbul. Now she is working as consultant of WAPES from İŞKUR, the Turkish PES. 

As Employment Expert, she has involved in İŞKUR’s projects as an evaluation unit member and operation coordination unit member. Gizem defended a thesis titled “The Role of Employment Policy for Struggle against Poverty” for proficiency in the institution.

In her personal life, Gizem is interested in photography, hiking and swimming.


Mr Abdelkrim BELKADI

Consultant for Middle East and Arab countries


Responsible for International Cooperation at ANAPEC


Karim joined the secretariat at the beginning of February 2017 and he works from the ANAPEC headquarters in Casablanca.

Phone: + 212 5 22 78 95 71



After a Bachelor degree in Earth Sciences, Karim obtained an advanced Master degree in Business & administration. 

First, he worked at the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and then joined ANAPEC in 2002 in order to work in the field of international cooperation. He has organized several WAPES events in Morocco, including WAPES World Congress in 2003.

He is father of two daughters.  Karim likes hiking, handiwork and reading.



Ms Jenny Rivera Varé

Consultant Assistant.

Jenny joined the Secretariat in September 2013.


Phone: + 32 2 235 72 50

Fax: + 32 2 235 72 59



Jenny has worked for different companies and organisations, also start-ups, with e-learning programs, multinationals and development. She has also worked at the embassy and consulate for Honduras and Peru in Brussels.

Jenny graduated as Management Assistant with a major in Business Administration at the ECSEDI School in Brussels. She is bilingual French-Spanish and has also a good knowledge in English.

Born in Peru and living in Europe (Paris, Nice, Lausanne and Brussels) since she was 10 - travel is one of her passions. She also loves to spend time with her 2-year old son. Jenny has been VP Education of the Armada Toastmaster (bilingual English-Spanish public speaking club) in Brussels.



Ms Jacqueline Mukamusana

Management Assistant

Jacqueline joined the WAPES Secretariat in June 2014.


Phone: +32 2 235 72 51
Fax: +32 2 235 72 59



Jacqueline is journalist by profession. She has worked for over 20 years in various organizations both nationally and internationally such as The Voice of Women association, Food for the Hungry International (FHI), Young women's Christian Association (YWCA). She fulfilled respectively different functions such as administrative and financial assistant, management assistant and general secretary.

In June 2012, as part of her training in secretarial work, Jacqueline did an internship at WAPES, where she has supported the Executive Secretariat with preparations of the World Congress in Seoul.

In addition to her mother tongue, Jacqueline speaks and writes English and French.

Jacqueline is mother of 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys.



Mr. Pierre-Alain Vandewalle

Communication Expert 

Pierre-Alain joined WAPES Executive Secretariat in February 2015.


Phone: +32 2 235 72 57
Fax: +32 2 235 72 59



Initially Pierre-Alain went for a three-month internship in Venezuela for his degree in Communication.  However he decided to stay in this country for 12 years.  In 2014 he returned to Belgium.

Developing a passion for audiovisual and cultural work, Pierre Alain first collaborated on the creation of a community television in a popular district of Maracay in Venezuela.  Then together with his Venezuelan wife, he created a non-profit Socio-Cultural organization called “Fundación Socio-Cultural AUTANA” of which he was the director for 10 years.  The Fundación organizes free workshops for audiovisual production, films and documentaries projections in popular neighborhoods called "barrios”, produces video reports and helps other organizations to emerge.

Pierre-Alain also holds a degree in education with mention in Cultural Development from the Experimental Nacional University “Simón Rodríguez” in Caracas, Venezuela.  In his last position he worked two years as communication expert for the National Experimental University for Security “UNES” for the Aragua and Carabobo regions in Venezuela.
Pierre-Alain spends his leisure time with his two children in order to make them discover the Belgian culture.


Mr Luca Camilli


Luca Camilli joined WAPES Executive Secretariat in October 2016.




Luca is doing a 6 months internship in WAPES as a translator. He holds a Bachelor Degree in “Foreign Languages” during which he studied English, French and Spanish languages and literatures. Then he decided to deepen his knowledge of languages by graduating in the Master Degree of “Modern Languages for International communication and cooperation”. During this he studied Translation and Interpreting between Italian, English and French. He spent some periods in France and Sweden in order to study, doing internships and working as an Au Pair. In addition to Italian he has a good level of French, English and Spanish. He likes learning foreign languages, travelling and running.