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Structure of WAPES

How we are organised

WAPES' legal structure is an INPA (International Not for Profit Association) according to Belgian law.

WAPES is organised in five world regions, each having a Vice-President as their representative:

  • Africa

  • Americas

  • Asia and Pacific

  • Europe

  • Middle East and the Arabic countries

The decision making bodies of WAPES are:

  • The General Assembly

  • The Managing Board

The executive bodies of WAPES are:

  • The President

  • The Executive Secretary

  • The Treasurer and

  • The Vice-Presidents

WAPES´ office, the Executive Secretariat, is located in Brussels.


How we are funded

To a large extent WAPES is financed by membership fees, calculated on the basis of staff numbers and GDP per capita in US dollars (based on the IMF Economic database and the PPP method, Purchasing-Power-Parity). Above the membership fees WAPES is also financed by income from publications and technical services, subsidies, donations and legacies as well as bank interest.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body and includes all members. The General Assembly is, among other things, responsible for approving the annual budget, the statutes and the general plans for future activities, electing the President, the members of the Managing Board and the Auditors. The General Assembly is held in May or June every year. Every three years the General Assembly is held in one of the member countries and the second two years WAPES arranges an E-General Assembly, a written procedure.


Here you will find all relevant information about the General Assembly.

Managing Board

The Managing Board consists of the President and 16 members elected by the General Assembly for a three-year period. Among other things, the Managing Board is responsible for ensuring effective administration of the organisation and for carrying out the decisions made by the General Assembly. It proposes a general plan for future activities, prepares management reports on activities that have taken place and prepare the General Assembly. The Managing Board meets at least once a year.



Managing Board members:



Bosnia and Herzegovina (Auditor)

Canada  (Vice-President Americas)

Congo Brazzaville (Vice-President Africa)


Dominican Republic

France (Vice-President Europe)





Morocco (Vice-President Middle East and the Arabic countries)


Senegal (Auditor)

South Korea (Vice President Asia and Pacific)


Switzerland (Treasurer) 


Here you will find all relevant information about the Managing Board meetings.



Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer. The Executive Committee is appointed by the Managing Board and oversees the activities of WAPES between the Managing Board meetings.


Here you will find all relevant information about the Executive Committee meetings.