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Organisational learning – a way to improve performance

05.12.2019 to 06.12.2019

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The rapidly changing labour market, together with the vast technological development, require PES to adapt in an agile way and better respond to the demands of the labour market.
The PES supports the optimal functioning of the labour market by being a conductor of ‘labour market service providers’, a service provider and a consistent partner.


WAPES members can increase efficiency through innovation and systematic learning. Disseminating insights and knowledge across any organisation is critical to improving performance, but many PES struggle to implement systematic, organisational learning and to make it a priority.


Different strategies needs to be implemented to reduce the risk that process innovations as well as development of service delivery take place in local offices without knowing the experience of each other. In an age driven by technology and information, organisational learning has not only to become part of the successful 21st century PES; increasingly, it is a key ingredient.


Expert Workshop Structure

During this workshop, we look at the components of organisational learning; explore the challenges surrounding its goals, incentives, and processes; and provide examples of organisations working to address barriers to sharing knowledge. After a plenary session to clarify the topic and the main goals of the meeting, we will organise workshops to discuss and make progress in several directions.


Topics to be discussed

• What research in the field of organisational learning could be relevant for PES?
• What characterises good learning organisations? What needs to be in place, what conditions are required for this to work?
• Are there established models for organisational learning?
• Is there also a HR perspective on the issue? How is organisational learning linked to internal training?


Workshop objectives

• Mutual learning by exchanges between international experts
• Mutualisation of good practices, alerts, ideas, etc.…


Workshop Results

• Recommendations for the implementation of methods for systematic exchange
• Starting point for deepened cooperation between PES
• Benefits expected for WAPES network
• Improving knowledge, strategies and tools of the PES through the exchange of experiences among WAPES members.
• Encourage communication and enrich reflection with potential partners with the aim of developing initiatives in this field.


Organisational learning – a way to improve performance is a forum to be hosted by the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES), NAV and Arbetsförmedlingen (the Public Employment Services in Norway and Sweden).
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Working languages: English


Moderator: Arbetsförmedlingen


Venue : Arbetsförmedlingen Head office
Phone: +46 771 60 00 00
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