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"Social Protection and roles of Public Employment Services"

06.07.2017 to 07.07.2017

Workshop on the theme "Social Protection and roles of Public Employment Services"

Seoul Korea, from 6 to 7 July 2017




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Please note that the event will be in English

Globalization and technological changes recognized as 4th industrial revolution makes labor markets turbulent. Unemployment is caused by structurally oriented labor market mismatching rather than individual issues.


Long term unemployment makes people to trap into poverty and homeless. Social protection policies are became more important than ever to address poverty and insecurities caused by unemployment. 


Public Employment Services need to help the vulnerable to break the cycle of poverty and to overcome barriers or constraints. We need to protect the unemployed more securely with unemployment insurance and lead the poverty to find opportunities, such as skill development and employment. PES should be the major focus of the social protection policies. 


Public Employment Services have to work with many social partners as part of an integrated system of anti-poverty interventions with holistic approach of individual case management rather than standalone program. We need to find better links with other social programs that work on poverty and vulnerability. 


This workshop will provide a very good opportunity to share knowledge and experience to build more strong social protection system in the perspective of Public Employment Services. 


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